Cube Colossus

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Cube Colossus Original Soundtrack pack released!
Download it free at Fandrey's Site:

Sorry for rapid updates :(. I believe it's the last one today.

- Fix on recently known warning bug, and adding "V1.15" on the title. If you don't see the sign, please clear your cache and reload the game.

- Fixes on AXIA bug, it's supposedly unlocked on lvl 99 upgrade achievement. If you have lv 99 achievement already, please go to the workshop, the weapon should be unlocked. If it didn't, please report to me.

- Fix on Odin's Overdrive. It's now unleash berserk too while being invincible

*you may have to clear your cache in order to reload the game and apply the update.

Woot! Daily Award + Update!! Thank you XDD


First collaboration of Atelier Lucid (Fandrey) and Azrael. We're now making a new gamestudio, called "Lucidrine" :)

A group of interstellar explorer's lifes being endangered as their comrades lost in a giant mechanical cube-like fortress. Rua Elzee and Cedric Ashcroft, pilots of A.M.U. unit 01, are trying to save their lives, as well as their comrades'.

Battle with the Cubes in this uniquely controlled arena shoooter game! Upgrade your A.M.U - Advanced Mobile Units, purchase armaments, unlock Cores and achievements, fight your way as the story unfolds!

- Mouse : Move
- Left Click (Hold) : Fire, be careful armaments can overheat
- W/Up Arrow: Change to the nearest target
- A/Left Arrow: Tilt Shooting offset CounterClockwise
- D/Right Arrow: Tilt shooting offset Clockwise
- S/Down Arrow: Reset shooting offset
- Space : Overdrive
- Esc : Pause

Developer's comment: The concept/theme of this game is "Inverted Control". Usually WASD/Arrow keys to move and mouse to aim is the common control of navigation, but we want to change it. So we actually made mouse to move the AMU and WASD as action keys (and thus made CC has lock-on system). It took us 8 months to finish, so we hope it won't dissapoint you (and us). Enjoy!

Project Website:
- Lucidrine : http://www.lucidrine.com/
- Azrael : *coming soon*
- Atelier Lucid : http://fandrey.lucidrine.



oh great

I need to amplify my review, and revise the score I gave:
Just as I thought a game cannot be less fair, I managed to beat Millie. And saw that instead of wining the game with that, there comes an even worse enemy, wich has even higher health, and covers the whole fucking screen with projectiles! Just great! When you would relive, thinking you have just beaten the hardest enemy (and the hardest level) of the game, you got tired of focusing on dodgeing counless projectiles, you are low both on health and that thing that gives the overdrive, and yet, you should win against something even harder!
And of course if you loose, you will have to face the 1st final boss again too! Even haveing more than one final boss is an insult to the player, but if at least they are on separete levels, than it's more forgivable, becouse than one can prepare, and start with full health, and nonetheless if one looses, doesn't have to get trough other boss(es) to face the one he lost against. But like this it's a total impertinence!

Ps.: I forgot to mention that chain break thing too. Another super annoying thing in this game, getting always that screen with that cymbal sound. It's ok to have damage chain (or combo), and that it breaks when getting hit. But why should the game pause itself and write that stupid thing anytime I get hit?!

a fine game, except the difficulty

The difficulty is ok at the begining, but gets hard even at the end of chapter 2. And by the begining of chapter 2 it gets totally beyond any fairness. The last unlock one can get is Millies ship, wich is totally useless becouse of its weak armore. Altrough there are alot of weapons beyond the 3rd category, they wont unlock, no matter how much they would be needed towards the end!
If I called the 1st level of the 4th chapter unfair, I don't know how should I call the last one! That is totally the "WTF?!!!!" category! Ok, I understand, that a final boss ought to be hard. But comon, I'm hitting it continuosly, (with the strongest gun avilable, the 3rd cat. beam) gets like a thousend hits, and it barely scratches it! But just a singel shot from it takes at least the fifth of my life! And that's just the gatling, when it switches to the beam, that takes even more! And there is no way to dodge all the shots, some always hits!
I would have given you a better score, but this unafairness is not acceptable!

Very Good

I feel this game is Really really good, but could use a few tweaks for players who aren't as good, like maybe a difficulty changer. All in all a great game. Two thumbs up.

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Besides the fact that you can't keep firing your laser like every other arcade spaceship shoot 'em up, everything was great. :D

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this game is perfect i can say nothing else its diffrent than most games that is why it is perfect.

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4.29 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2009
10:28 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional