button tutorial for noobs

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it explains more kindve of coding, and designing buttons, i know theres many but this is my first tutorial. i hope it helps you.


1 minute to make a button that said play. wow

this is the most uninformaative tutorial ever

a way too long review most people wont read

if your going to make a tutorial about how to do something its important that you demonstrate your ability to do it well before the person starts the tutorial...and im sorry but you crappy "begin" where you have to click specifically on one of the letters does not qualify as demonstrating the ability to make a good button...in fact its quite the opposite...if its you first tutorial you should take the extra time and care to make sure its done well. especially when you know its been done before and been done better...usually the only way to compete with something that's been done before many times is to do it better or at least on the same level. usually watching other tutorials helps on figuring out what things are helpful and good to have with a tutorial and whats not. examples would be screen shots,easy to read font and color, etc. also its not a good idea to make a tutorial on something you just learned. there's so much more to button making such as hit area,over and what these mean and do. like someone below said a remake of this after you've improved would do it wonders. And if you do understand more about button making then your tutorial shows then even more reason to remake it. i know its a "tutorial for noobs" but that doesn't mean after the basic explanation you cant have a more advanced section after the basic instruction. hopefully some of my pointless rambling made sense and is a bit helpful. ofc if you just felt like making a half assed tutorial out of boredom then disregard most of my review. But i hope that's not the case. Good luck on future endeavors in flash

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A button tutorial should have proper buttons

Why didn't you use a hit frame for the "Begintutorial" button? This is more noobs teaching noobs rubbish. You should be a lot more experienced before you start telling others what to do. I don't understand why people who have just discovered Flash think they are qualified to write tutorials!


1. your intro/main menu screen lacked a button...

2. maybe add some more pictures or examples...i'm sure the idiot audience you are aiming for could use some more graphics on how to do stuff.

besides that, it worked fine. Just hope the idiots out there actually read this...though unfortunately most of the people I'm thinking of are spammers anyway


Covers only action script 1 and 2, the opening load is fake... the button on the title page doesn't have anything on it's "hit" frame so it's difficult to press.
Clearly you've made a tutorial on something you no the BARE MINIMUM about. Anyone else could type "flash button tutorial" in google and find this info and more in less time than it took to click through and read this flash...

Sorry but this is crap.

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Aug 13, 2009
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