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Mike and Zig in a Anime 1

rated 3.48 / 5 stars
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Aug 12, 2009 | 2:25 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This is a scene from the movie Mike and Zig Trapped in a Anime from Its a action scene from the movie. The movie won't be release till fall or winter 2009. What you are about to see is about 95% done of a scene we completed. I'm saying 95% because there might be little errors, typos and so forth within the scene. But I know you may enjoy what you are about to see.

The main focus of this preview is to get opinions whether you want it to be a full length movie or, want it to be broken down into episodes.

This is suppose to be a action comedy don't worry about the text in the future when the real stuff is released. There will be english dubbing done to it and of course this is all fan made. I have approximately 4 scenes completed if you want another preview leave messages and emails you are the fans your opinions count.

For more details contact us on or email us at



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


really good, but i just couldn't get into the characters possibly because they're mexicans, which no offense to you if your mexican since the characters are designed after you. I'm just not a fan of mexicans, but I'm not racist there is a difference, and sorry if this review was totally useless

bzs68 responds:

well you are way off n second both characters aren't even Hispanic at all. Plus the characters put together with another anime character like fused together.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Really good for sprite cartoons!

I was actually impressed with this one! Excellent work!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Dude, you guys got something here.....

Good job, guys. This flash has a really interesting precise, and it's also great because it actually has a story to it and it isnt just a random sprite fight. (there r way too many of those on this site). And the two main character look pretty badass. The sprite animation is pretty fluid, though it seems just a little bit laggy (that didnt stop me from enjoying this though) and the sounds go well with the actions (guess its pretty safe to say that u guys definitely know your way around sprite stuff). For the future, i would suggest making the text look more profession, like putting them in text boxes, giving each character their own pic and text color in text box (maybe even their own unique textbox), allowing the viewer to advance text with a button, maybe give the text a certain sound when viewer advances the text, and if you change your mind on Voice acting, then give each character a certain sound when they first appear in the scene and a certain sound to show their emotions. To tell you the truth, i really dont think u need Voice acting, but if u think u can pull it off....PLEASE, PLEASEEE have a quality mic and people with interesting voices (those things can really kill a flash if done half-assed). Also this should be a no brainer, but give this flash a kickass intro. To respond to your question in your comments, i suggest making this flash episodic and having each episode set in a different anime. One thing i want to add is when u make this flash, make sure that u.....A.) dont just make the format of the whole flash: they go somewhere, they beat up minions, they fight boss, and they win. Try to mix things up a bit, B.) try to give the main characters a challenge when they fight bosses (in this one, they kicked picollo's ass wayyyy to easily), C.) on top of giving them challenges, every now and then, put them in situations where it seems like they can't win and/or are about to lose and/or get killed. It makes things way more entertaining, and D.) Try to give your main characters some flaws, characters that are perfect get boring after awhile. (it also makes them more believe-able and deep).
Am sry that this is hella long, but i really see potential in this being really tight. If u guys want inspiration on making good sprite flashes, then check out, "Super Mario bros. Z", and the "TTA" series. They're fucking awesome. Anyways, good luck guys, and cant wait to see the first official episode. Thx for reading all my review and i hope u find my review helpful and non-douche-bag-ish lol. peace out

P.S. i would like to see another preview

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bzs68 responds:

Thanks i glad you responded to that i also would like to say you read my mind. I was going to not make it easy for them after this scene. It really is boring if they win every single fight especially that easily. Yeah and besides that i will definitely adding other animes into the movie. I'm not sticking to just one anime you know i'm trying to incorporate as many as possible without making a mess and time consumption. We really want this to come out because my team and i love anime and this was fun to create. Hint (using bleach, yu yu hakusho, naruto, one piece, black cat, and maybe dragon ball z maybe)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

very good

it had very good animation and a good storyline.... for something with no storyline that is..... no offense intended. It could of had some better voice acting it was muffles and hard to hear so if you plan on making this into a series i suggest that you work on your voice acting and if its your mic you should go out and buy a new mic

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not Bad...

Pretty good all in all. I liked how their trapped in an Anime. Good job.

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