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See for yourself. The problems of the future today.

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I liked this, it was pretty dark with the character looking all evil and like death, the voice added to it and made it pretty awesome, it didn't however make a whole lot of sense so work on that since it could be good :)


i did not like this very much :(

i didnt enjoy this at all im sorry it was short and bad
why didnt it get blammed? meh


I was interested as the video went on, but was left puzzled at its conclusion. Not in the good old fashioned "wow, that really made me think" way, but more in the "what the hell was the point of that?" way. I'm not really sure what you were going for. Half of the video doesn't even contain dialogue, and the part that does consists of a grand total of two lines. Furthermore, there's nothing connecting the first and second half of the animation -- I'm guessing that's why you left "Act 2" out, but since whatever was supposed to transpire in Act 2 remains a complete mystery to us viewers, it feels more like you're being lazy than making a point or being clever. Also, you really shouldn't label something with a guy having his face mysteriously pulled off as "E." It's a pretty big mistake to make, and if it's deliberate, it's not impish and funny, it's immature and irresponsible. Point deduction for the potential to creep out unsuspecting little kids.

Sound quality was poor, and I couldn't tell if you were going for darkly funny or just creepy. You blended both and by doing so, succeeded in neither. Pick a focus and lean a little one way or the other next time around.


im quite curious on what this is supposed to be. i think you can definatly do something to it for it to make more sense. Id like to see where you can go with this as im sure newgrounds would to.

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WHY Does It Have Blood And It Says Rated E?

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Aug 11, 2009
9:11 PM EDT