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Bomb Diggity

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Good Start 5 Points

Diffuse 15 bombs before 1 goes off

Taking out the trash 5 Points

Kill 15 henchlings

Hero 10 Points

Rescue 50 Urbanville citizens

Quickie 10 Points

Keep Urbanville safe for 5 minutes

Great Start 25 Points

Diffuse 35 bombs before 1 goes off

Henchling Smackdown 25 Points

Kill 25 henchlings

Superhero 25 Points

Rescue 75 Urbanville citizens

Fabulous Start 50 Points

Diffuse 50 bombs before 1 goes off

Going the distance 50 Points

Keep Urbanville safe for 10 minutes

Slaughterhouse 50 50 Points

Kill 50 henchlings

True Urbaniac 50 Points

Rescue 100 Urbanville citizens

Lunar Maniac 100 Points

Keep Urbanville safe for 15 minutes

Author Comments

Rescue as many people as you can before the bombs go off. Z to attack, arrow keys to move. Try out different button combos for special moves.

UPDATE 8/19/09 - We've increased the friction a bit, so she shouldn't be as "slidy" now. And we've got medals!!!

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FUCK this game. Whoever decided that bombs that appear near you should have a shorter timer so you prioritise the closest bombs needs to seriously re-examine their life. This game is the perfect example of programmer arrogance... the fact that this is the version with LESSENED "slipperiness" just shows how poorly designed the game was right from the get-go. That they decided that it was necessary that you slip-and-slide all over the place at ALL while also demanding perfect jump accuracy really shows that they didn't know what they were doing and refuse to admit it. Think about it: they took the time to update the game in one small way, when any number of tiny changes could have made the game much better. For instance, they could have removed the civilian spawn points on the air conditioner units on the far right building. Getting to bombs on the far right rooftop is a nightmare, especially so if they're perched on one of the air conditioner units on the wall. Your double-jump just isn't reliable enough to get you up there without issue, and that could have been improved as well.

It's so frustrating, because I can see what a great game this could have been if the developer had been realistic and had people test it first. There just isn't enough time to jump perfectly two or three times in row to get up each unit (if you don't slip off afterwards, of course, because what game do you think you're playing? A good game? Ahahahaha). The artwork is fun, the designs are nice, and punching bad guys and landing combos could have been rather fun as well. What a waste.

Very intense game here

Now this was a very intense game with all the bombs and all not much time it seems but it was still kind of fun the graphics were pretty smooth here and gameplay was very smooth on top of that, i myself am not very good at this game but it seems fun, maybe some medals can be easier. But anyways once again we have another decent game here, theres not alot i can say to improve on this but there are some things that could be cleaned up as menioned and below, but for the most of this its pretty good and i liked everything i saw here, so keep up the good work. with some more effort so below are a few ideas that really could push this flash to the extra efforts, good luck on updating this or any new games you might be working on.

Well it was fun but some bombs are just too hard and controls seem to hold you back at times.


Terrible game. Bomb timers are too unforgiving. The only way to go for medals is to completely ignore baddies because all they do is waste player precious time. If we stop defusing bombs for a second - a LITERAL second - they'll explode and bring it closer to a game over.

Adding insult to injury, main char appears to have an invisible block of ice under boots which makes her slide sometimes instead of coming to a halt and this is really annoying because she'll slide during defusals and this equals GAME OVER on later stages. You didn't increase "friction" enough

Every bomb should start at a 30 second timer and NEVER have more than 3 in-game at any moment.

One star for music which is probably the only thing decent in here. Not hating, just facting - If people play your game ONLY for medals, it is a bad game, could have been great but it isn't.

This game sucks, the concept is pretty awful, and in general, lacks fun.

Hard, you have very little time to diffuse bombs and it controls weird.