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Yukino was my favorite flash animation of all time(not my own work). I removed it after learning that the author's website asked that this not be shown elsewhere. You can see it at
or a newer version at www.rzconsent.com

Now that it's gone, I'll use this space to test my unfinished works.

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This is rpobably one of the best things i have seen on Newground, other than The Mario Bros. Reloaded. Yes the runing animation could have been better, and it was short, but an amazing peice of work.

Excellent work

Of course if you could improve the running animation it would be even better, but certainly one of the better anime I have seen. Bit 'o' history for those who may not know swordsaints were origionally from feudal Japan mastering in lightweight combat, unequalled in swordsmanship they were hired by generals to kill other generals or decimate units of soldiers. just thought you might want to know:) keep up the good work

hm great

wow, found this by Shockanime. The graphics and animation were awesome. i wished i could do so :)

keep it up! (5/5)

Very nice

I got the link off the Genryu's blade review, and I like it... a lot. Good stuff you have here, and I hope it gets finished, I also hope to see more.

ooh my goodness, i creamed by jeans

that was outrageously good. you've got one of the greatest action scenes in ALL of newgrounds. the only person who's probably better than your action is xavier.
*claps* brav-mother fucking-o

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4.08 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2002
3:00 AM EDT