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my sweet prince

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a quick look into what Im working on at the moment...not too long (not completed) but not too short so people get angry. I have always trusted people at newgrounds to tell me the truth about things , so Im looking for loads of feedback to continue it. Thank you.
at the end of the animation you can check my showreel through a link if you want.

http://cristianortiz-crom .blogspot.com/2009/06/sho w-reel.html

(we all know where the music is from ha) is a great tune!

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Yeah, nice animation

Didn't know what was happening, but it was some nice animation.
Maybe a nice story to go with it? (by "nice", I mean, a cheery, or warm sort of story)
Possibly even a little colour, or maybe you are happy with just the lines, I don't know, but I like colour. (Even if it's just a fill at the end)

The music fit with the nothing really happening thing, but I don't think it would work so well if you were going to actually make a story.

(Also, the showreel button does nothing for me)

wiilofgod responds:

ahh thanks for your comment man!!..yeahh the showreel button doesnt work :( but dont you worry , if you are still interested you can copy and paste the link :

http://cristianortiz-crom.blogspot.co m/2009/06/show-reel.html

hit me back with a comment or something , Im always glad to get feedback. Thank you!

not bad

needs a little bit more of a story for it, but i get it. good job

wiilofgod responds:



Not bad at all, I think. The animation felt relatively nice and smooth, for what there was.
Unfortunately the showreel link didn't work for me.

wiilofgod responds:

ahh man Im sry it didnt work ..I think its something to do with my coding but you can still copy and paste this link..it should work fine:

http://cristianortiz-crom.blogspot.co m/2009/06/show-reel.html

let me know what you think


yeah its not complete like the author said, but still like it, altough it was quite sad, because i thought the bunny was going to get it on with the young kid, and its so sad to wake up in the morning with out a woman beside you, (my god im so lonely, sob, sob, sob), LOL!

wiilofgod responds:

hey man this is life ....you have someone one day and then you dont :( life goes on man


I can see the sex point of view through the male perspective, but I guess I've always looked at things a little more artistically. It seemed like a sad story. A boy who had lost some one dear to him, and was reminiscent of her ghost, or at least the spirit of their memories. (funny thing is, I didn't even think of it as being sexual until I read the other comments)

wiilofgod responds:

ha ha man , you really hit the spot with your comments!! thank you , thats what I wanted to hear.

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Aug 10, 2009
8:36 PM EDT