Sniper Tower Defender

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I hope you enjoy the game, in the highscores I am moosey (from Aus)

ITS SUPPOSED to be really hard, so you find it very challenging and the highscores are harder to get!
First person to break the 200,000 landmark will get a reward from me!

Any key - Pause
Mouse - Everything else

All known bugs fixed! If there are any more, leave a review and I will fix it for you to play on tomorrow!
New enemy,
Some minor graphic updates.


woooo! 79 seconds XD

kinda fun :/

Needs work.

This has potential, and there's a lot of room for improvement. The main thing I'm thinking about is the sound - it's annoying, especially the music - and how much of a clickfest this thing is. No Flash before has made my pointer finger as sore as this. You also need a reload button, and your acronym is still std.

very very very hard

thats is impossible i lasted 69 seconds
and then a atnk came
and what ever i did its health would not go down
i dont no if that is a bug but you should sort it

3Quarter-Aiming responds:

You have to get upgrades, constantly, like the tank darts :P

Is this supposed to happen?

So while I was playing, I died a few times. One was cause, well. I died. The next time I died was because I hit the button for upgrades and the game just kept playing behind the upgrade screen I was killed while upgrading. The next time I died was because the upgrades for your tower say they will restore your tower's health.. But they don't actually do that. My whole strategy was to wait till I need the health, then upgrade. It just got me killed. The next time I died had just faced Gold tank after gold tank after gold tank. My health was almost full, and the tanks stopped coming, then the game just told me I was dead. Even though I had almost full health. Is that supposed to happen?

Over all, I didn't have a very good experience with this game.

its a good start

I like the basic set up of the game, graphics is simplistic but still good, and the music works, but maybe you could ad a few different weapons you could buy and a few different types of enemies? As it is now, it gets repetitive quite fast.

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2009
7:07 PM EDT
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