Sniper Tower Defender

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I hope you enjoy the game, in the highscores I am moosey (from Aus)

ITS SUPPOSED to be really hard, so you find it very challenging and the highscores are harder to get!
First person to break the 200,000 landmark will get a reward from me!

Any key - Pause
Mouse - Everything else

All known bugs fixed! If there are any more, leave a review and I will fix it for you to play on tomorrow!
New enemy,
Some minor graphic updates.


Too glitchy

A fun game overall, except for the tank spams on hard. Plus, you randomly die after the wave of gold tanks (at least on easy you do). I automatically died at 300 seconds of survival. I don't think anyone can reach that 200,000 milestone.

Fun, but room to improve

Overall, a fun submission. It needs a few tweaks in my opinion to make it to a better grade than a 70.

First, adding a reload button. It's irritating to have a half-full magazine and to have to crack off those rounds to refill in a lull.

Second, widen the view field so that it feels more like you're picking them off at a range. You could even make the targets smaller and more numerous if you slowed them down. This would let you keep the same screen size but feel more like sniping.

Also, let the enemies stop in any given range of spots. When getting overwhelmed it was possible to just aim at the same spot at the base of the tower and get rid of them all.

Keep trying, and you'll get something 10-worthy soon.

Potential, but un intuitive.

The biggest problem is the tanks hit boxes, sometimes you cant hit them, and other times you always hit them and nothing else. I got to the super gold tank and couldn't wound it after shooting 5 clips of the max upgraded sniper rifle. Other then that, it is basically just not very fun. I enjoyed it but after one time you get bored, the upgrades aren't worth it, add more weapons, and go with a new angle, being able to see the weapon is kind of nice. Good effort there though.

Has potential

This game has potential but it's so god damn buggy. The screen that allows you to change the quality (low, med high) etc keeps flashing in the middle of the screen during the game. When you try to upgrade the game still continues. Also just wanted to point out, In the start you see a stick guy with a hand gun. When the game is about snipers? :P Anyways work on the bugs, add some extra features (some nice backgrounds would be nice) and it will be a pretty fun game. I managed to get to 148seconds before I started getting waves of tanks. Spam clicking them is a pain in the ass, even when I upgraded my sniper, like 4 times.

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Fuck yeah

Man i couldn't stop playing till i got 200k or more. this was rather addicting. i very simple could use some tweaking but great game.n btw i'm george woot

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2009
7:07 PM EDT
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