Sniper Tower Defender

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I hope you enjoy the game, in the highscores I am moosey (from Aus)

ITS SUPPOSED to be really hard, so you find it very challenging and the highscores are harder to get!
First person to break the 200,000 landmark will get a reward from me!

Any key - Pause
Mouse - Everything else

All known bugs fixed! If there are any more, leave a review and I will fix it for you to play on tomorrow!
New enemy,
Some minor graphic updates.


I recomend

i recomend you that next time you should put a key for reload

Good, but...

On hard at about 270 seconds people stopped being spawned. I suggest you fix this as it really annoyed me since I probably would have made the high scores. The same thing happens on easy, but at least you die there. Other than that the game was pretty fun. Maybe make the graphics a little better on your next one.


i rly liked this game but it has farr to many bugs to make it playable,, for example i was playing easy mode when the green/yellow tanks started comng and i would get them to ''yellow'' on their health bar before they reached me.. when they reached me they went back to full health again... also right after about 10 green/yellow tanks came absolutly nothing.. i was sitting waiting with full health then '' oh snap you are dead'' WTF? how am i dead? unless the next npc was invisable and kills u in 1 hit.. ended with 73k score on easy mode and highest was 120k on hard mode.

really i loved this game tho there are still buggs which need to be fixed but untill then thereis no real point going for the 200k score because ur more than likly gona encounter a bugg along the way..,
if there were no buggs id give this a 9 or 10

but it would also be nice if the game screen was a little wider and we had a reload button added :)


decent game, i got past the waves of gold tanks on hard only to find nothing happens after them. sitting at the 800 mark as i type this hoping something will end the game


i get to defense level 65, i kill a super tank or w/e it is and nothing comes and i get the screen saying i died......

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2009
7:07 PM EDT
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