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Sniper Tower Defender

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I hope you enjoy the game, in the highscores I am moosey (from Aus)

ITS SUPPOSED to be really hard, so you find it very challenging and the highscores are harder to get!
First person to break the 200,000 landmark will get a reward from me!

Any key - Pause
Mouse - Everything else

All known bugs fixed! If there are any more, leave a review and I will fix it for you to play on tomorrow!
New enemy,
Some minor graphic updates.



too hard, good idea, just too hard

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fun but almost too hard

i loved the music and smooth graphics but it could use like a more amunition upgrade iinsane hard

Needs improvement/has potential

Some upgrades are just unaffordable during gameplay, such as the enchanted diamond tower or the quicker s2 clip. After time reached 250, no more enemies but the timer continued going. Full health pack is too expensive when having enemies bum rush you and 3+ tanks on you. the more difficult tank heals when it reaches the tower and also doesn't give any more money, which it should because it's more difficult to destroy. 5/10 3/5 for idea, graphics, and potential. Good game, just some things I found that might be changed?


its impossible to find the upgrade button if you dont know its there,
I was playing and suddenly i died
if you cant keep continuasly play you will never get alot of points

4/10 for smooh animation and a challenge

I don't have a Facebook, so i cant upload my highs

But I got 233,585.5..

Great game! 5/5

3Quarter-Aiming responds:

You can upload your highscore, theres a button beneath it that says "no thanks" and you just press that lol. you cant really see it as it is black...
hope you had fun!

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2009
7:07 PM EDT
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