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Tank'd in a Room

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This is my second full fledged version of making a game. I'm proud to say it's getting a lot easier for me to make them faster now.

It plays out like the classic game Smash T.V. if you've ever had a chance to give that fun game a whirl.

It's only undergone a few plays / tests by only a couple people so far, so let me know if you find any major errors, bugs, and the like.

Also, just some feedback I'd like.. Lemme know what your favorite pickup is also. Or if you beat the game.

There's 30 levels in all with a final boss.

Thanks for playing, hope it's fun. Let me know what you think. If it does decently well, I'm thinking of creating a Tank'd in a Room 2 with much more features and worlds to select from.

If you enjoyed this game check my other game out at

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/504239

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Controls are terrible...

The King of Mediocrity

When i turned on a game i thought it will be a good shooter. i read the comments while it loaded and it looked good but then i saw the controls... why WASD % Arrows? Why not a WASD & mouse for shooting and aiming? Sounds...well I saw worse than that. Graphics are OK. by the way if you wanted to make a game like a smash T.V. should have made a game look like an old NES,SNES game these types of games are always loved by Ngrounds.
Bottom line ____
controls 2/5
sounds 3/5
graphics 3/5
idea 2/5
TOTAL 10/20 (:D)
In my opinion you should make a side-scroller. you can try making a short one first ;)

If you don't like my review....sorry i'm just trying to help


I have to say, pretty much everything in this game is average. Average graphics, average sound, okay gameplay, and an unoriginal idea. As far as generic tank shooters go, this definetly isn't the worst I've seen, but it certainly isn't the best, either. Some things to work on in a sequel (if there is a sequel):
+get more stylized graphics - since most games in this genera are pretty much the same, one of the few things that can set them apart is an interesting and/or original graphic theme or design.
+you might think about adding an upgrades system, but only if you feel like it, as the power ups would suffice.
+Get more/better music. The music in the game was pretty generic sounding, which would have been OK if there had been more than two relatively short loops.
+Bigger explosions would have been cool ;D
+Explosion noises when you hit the enemy would have been cool, too.
+More types of enemies. I only encountered two types, and it seemed like the only difference between the green and gold tanks was that the gold was a bit tougher. I would like to see a variety of enemies with a variety of attacks and special abilities.
+And lastly, a bar showing how much time you had left for a certain powerup would have been convenient, although it woudn't necessarily make or break the game.

One thing I did like about the game was the variety and frequency of the power ups, so good job there.


This is you second! I like it!

You're getting there!

Im giving you a 7 out of 10 because it IS only your second game. It is pretty good, but you have to remember that fast doesn't always mean good. I bet if you took a little more time, sharpened the graphics, and added some more originality you could have a splendid game. Keep up the good work!

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2009
9:36 AM EDT