SRM: The Last Soda

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This was my 3rd semester animation final. I made it with my friend Kevin Basset, but he doesn't have a Newgrounds page and said it was just fine to submit it. Our task was to create a flash with each of our original characters and have them interact. Also had to have a Photoshop background, which is the sky in this flash. Backgrounds are mostly done by him; some are mine with his Photoshop sky in the background. I did the audio and the second half of the animation, he did some background work and the first half. Guitar music is by my roommate.

Anyway, here's hoping you guys like it! Wish me luck on getting a good grade :)

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Battosai810 responds:


Brilliant as always!

Even though this wasn't made entirely by you, it had a trace of your sense of humor. The characters are both great and original and Battosai's voice always makes a flash a lot more fun to watch.

Good job, man!

Battosai810 responds:

Well, the second half is pretty much all me. I do really like my friend's style in the first half though - the lack of dialogue kind of reminds me of some of Genndy Tartakovsky's more natural work, like Samurai Jack.

Thanks for watching!

reminds me of my animations class

I'm not sure what it is though,maybe the story,the feel,or what,but it makes me appreciate it a little bit more

and SRM got the mohawk back :D

Battosai810 responds:

Well, this was made in an animation class of my own, so maybe that's what you're thinking? Glad you liked the toon. And yes, there was some fan demand for the mohawk, so I brought it right back. Kind of spoiled it with the icon though.

Worth More.

I think this should be closer to the 4.00 mark!

Overall good animation. I mean it came with the essentials. You had very smooth fluent animation, along with original and unique (As well as overall good) graphics and drawn characters. I think the one essential you were lacking was the audio. The voices seemed way too put on, and the quality was poor.

The story on the other hand was perfect - For a short story at least. It contained the necessary humor, and just checked all the boxes needed. It still puzzles me how this wasn't able to do a whole lot better? If I could give you a hint with this it would be simply the following.

1) Get yourself a voice actor. This way you'll have someone who can cover the voices you want for your characters overall better. They will also own better quality equipment. Good recorded voices is crucial. Look into that?

2) Although I understand this was a short story. You should seriously consider going more in depth with your cartoons. Make yourself a 5 minute epic film! You have the skills and potential to create an awesome series, and easily make the Newgrounds all time list. I'm confident with that.

If you need help with any of those things, Don't hesitate to ask me. With your ability, I'd be more than happy to put time into helping these flashes improve on an already high standard.

Good work!

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Battosai810 responds:

First off, thanks for the in depth review! This flash had a 3.77 or so, but got zero bombed to where it is now. Couldn't tell you why, as I don't know.

Concerning the voices - SRM, the blue, boxy character, has been a character appearing in my flashes for years. He's pretty much my main character, and has always had that signature raspy voice. Unfortunately, the audio quality is really poor in this flash. It's normally rather good, but I had some difficulties with my usually decent equipment. The second character, Nose, was recorded by the person I worked with. His one line was of very poor audio quality and had a lot of background noise. I did what I could with it, but the line was pretty much beyond saving. I didn't want to take the line away from my friend though, since that's kind of a jerk thing to do.

I actually have gone really in depth with a lot of my flashes! I've got over 50 here on Newgrounds, and I've had a lot of 6 minute epics. The last 3 SRM Transformers flashes together make about 20 minutes of animation! The only issue with the big epics is time and interest. I've made tons of long, involved animations, only to have nobody see them, and have my efforts more or less go to waste of a month's work. However, I can crank out these short, low intensity flashes fairly quickly and without too much involvement compared to the epics. I have some planned epics set for the near future, both starring SRM. I hope you'll like those even more than this one!

Thanks for the lengthy review, and I appreciate the constructive criticism. There isn't enough of that on Newgrounds.


Very good. The voice work needed a little work, (as in, I could hear the cut in and out of the mic sometimes).

Other than that, funny. Can I buy the rabbia a Coke?

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you liked the toon. Wish the recording quality was a bit better though, especially on Nose's one line. Thanks for watching.

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2009
2:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Original