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FML # 1

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EDIT - It's 2020 and I didn't realise I had some old projects unpublished here from years ago. Enjoy!--

"Fuck My Life # 1"

I made this very quickly after a friend and I discussed simple ideas for animations. We thought this one sounded quite funny so he recorded it and sent it to me. I then spent some time animating and here it is.

Its just very simple dark humour.

Hope you enjoy it :-]

More soon!

- Jevon

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That's A Stitch.

I don't normally laugh that loud.

Not during flash movies anyway. I found that to be absolutely awesome. I mean the animation didn't have a huge amount of actual motion, But it was still an awesome story. A simple short. As I said, I don't laugh hard often with flash movies, But this one definitely hit that spot.

'I'll just.. Die. Over there by the childrens toys.'

Awesome. I think you could use more depth within your animations though. Shorts are always good and funny to watch most of the time, But you have potential to really go one better with some small improvements. I think you should focus on.

- Altering your drawing style, mildly. The way your currently doing it makes it seem a bit sketchy. Maybe look into the idea of making your drawings more 'cartoon' style. And just mixing it up and seeing which looks best.

- Better stories.. Or even better, A series! I say this to a lot of people I review, for the simple fact that this is what gets most people off the ground. If your capable of starting a good series on Newgrounds, Your names going to spread!

- Another thing I say fairly often when writing reviews, Because this can be the decided between a daily trophy, or not. I think you should get yourself a voice actor. Your quality of Audio is currently a bit poor. A lot of good voice actors are around the site, And you should collaborate with them.

I hope you take this into account. Good luck with this all :)

fearing responds:

Hey buddy! Thanks a lot for this huge review and encouragement!#

First of all, Im glad this short clicked with you and make you laugh, as it did :-D

My movies could definitely do with some depth though, Im usually just working on small shorts like this after discussing ideas with a friend over msn. He usually types some simple funny idea.. and then about 5 minutes later he comes back with an audio file like this. hehe. His microphone kinda sucks so thats why the audio is poor.. but his voice acting is top notch. I do have a pretty good condesor microphone myself.. but we are unable to record due to him living slightly far away..

I got your mail too, I really do appreciate the help you are offering and I will take you up on this offer. I always need the most help I can get, so you will probably be hearing from me.

Thanks again, and stay well!


It was funny and the clerk looked really agitated whenever the bum started to talk again. Good work.

fearing responds:

Hehe, thats the small kind of details that I was working on. Im glad you picked up on that!

Thanks, pal! :-D

Very good but...

I think the clerk could have been a little more enthusiastic... Maybe a really awkward facial expression, because you know that he has to feel like an ass... Maybe he is since he can't give a bum a damn macaroni meal lol... I still give this high scores because over all it was a very funny joke, and the bum really caught me off guard when he said I'll just go die in the kid's toy section lol... Keep up the good work!!!

fearing responds:

hahahah, awesome thanks man!

ill work on more enthusiasm for the next one! more facial expressions - check :-]

ahaha glad it cought you off guard too :-D!

Wow. Nice.

That was actually pretty good. I gave you a 5 because it was good, review rating of 8 only because it felt very minimal. The subtle movements were fine, but something about it could've been a little better. Perhaps more hand gestures or something? I dunno.

Loved the ending. Keep it up, man.

fearing responds:

Thanks a lot pal! Really appreciate the high score my friend!

This was definitely minimal. I was recently watching Seth McFarlanes cavalcade of cartoon comedy. I think he does well to keep things interesting with the audio and minimal movement in the animation.

Ill try and work some more movements into the next one though :-]

thanks again!

Really good...

The point and plot were great, and the ending was hilarious... The animation was a lil on the rough side but it didn't take from the overall feel and presentation of this piece. I hope you continue to make this series and i can't wait to see what else you come up with.

fearing responds:

Hey thanks a bunch my friend! Glad you liked it!

The animation was done very very quickly... hopefully more time will be spent on the others.. but i think the style will be kept the same to keep the asthetics.

we have a couple of ideas floating around!

more soon!

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4.37 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2009
12:36 PM EDT