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Time - 7 Minutes

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Author Comments

This is my first Flash-based submission, especially a Flash game too. Why I would pick Point-and-Click adventure genre is because I find it a very interesting and intellectual genre, connecting to me on a very personal level. As for this game, I've tried my best to find and rectify any bugs I might find in this game. If you do find a bug, please do not hesitate to let me know about it. :-)

In "Time - 7 Minutes", you wake up and after reading a note, you find that you have only 7 minutes to live. What can you do to save yourself from this disaster?

An additional feature of the game is that it is also able to detect either day or night. Also, depending of the timing of the day itself, the usage of specific items will depend accordingly. Please enjoy the game.

Also, after requests from Newgrounds members, I've decided to start a Walkthrough blog as well, which will double as a news portal regarding my projects and progress.
http://conquer001flashgam es.blogspot.com/

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its a good game but a bit too easy both at day and night please make the 2nd harder .

conquer001 responds:

Thank you for you input, Z011. I'll certainly do my best in balancing both gameplay and difficulty for the next one.

Good game

I liked it, and also found out the way to escape when its daytime, but i'm not going to tell because that ruins the fun :P. It's really good considering it was your first flash submission. Hope you make another one :)

conquer001 responds:

I'm glad to 'hear' that you enjoyed the game thorughly. Be assured that the second one is currently in the stages of planning. : )

I liked it

If it's daytime where you are, change your computer's timezone to night so the heat lamp will be on. Then play the game. Read the letter. Go into your inventory and click the letter, and a coin will fall out. Use the coin to open the bomb. Look up at the heat lamp, click it and a lens will fall out. Use the lens to cut the blue wire. Go to the pink pipe and click its side. Pick up the magnet. Use the magnet on the drain by the door and get the pin. Go back up to the lamp. Use the paper on the lamp, then the lens on the bulb. Use the pin on the bonfire to heat it up and melt the wax in the hole on the door, pushing the button and escaping.

The game was fun, and challenging. I liked the day-night difference in gameplay

conquer001 responds:

Seems like someone's found a solution for the night-time. But what about the day?
As for Jorris13's request of a walkthrough, I will be putting up a simple walkthrough via blog that I'll be creating for this and future Flash games that I'll be creating.
Once again, I'm glad that you and the others enjoyed the gameplay. It really serves as a encouragement and motivation.


I know thist is a good game, but could you please make a walkthrough like step by step for when someone is stuck. Like, me for instance. i got the pin, but what do you do with it?whats with the was like substance?
otherwise kickass game!

conquer001 responds:

Howdy Jorris13! As per your request, I have started a walkthrough-cum-blog of this and future games. You can check it out via my website link.
On the other hand, I'm glad that you enjoyed this title. I'm looking forward to producing even better titles for many to enjoy.


i managed to escape during daytime that is.if anybody wants help PM me :).o and the game is awesome.can't wait for the second one

conquer001 responds:

I'm honoured that you find my game, not to mention my first, enjoyable. In fact, to answer your latter request I had already have plans to proceed with a 2nd and even a 3rd. However, I will have new elements added to it and it will act as a continuation from the 1st.
Do look out for it in the near future.

Credits & Info

4.66 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2009
10:13 AM EDT