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Anime The Movie

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The movie that started it all! If you do not know what this means, why don't you let me elaborate. In the 6th century BC, nomads from Asia started to migrate to Canada. The canadians the bought them all beer, they hated this beer, so they moved to america. Fast forward a million years, some flash is submitted, it gets like 3.00+, lots of + reviews on a NOT RACIST(citation needed) flash. Yeah.

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What was the point of that?

this is farts

like seriously i dont even have anything to compare this to

MichiganPlateClock responds:

Compare it to god.

No good... At least the music is good

Man... really. What is wrong with you "Crew" guys... Everytime you send something is just more meningless spam... and this is NOT A MUSIC DEPOSIT. If you want to upload random musics just go do a Goear thing like site. Not here.
Well, you could really try, just once in life, to get better at flash or make some really skills and save your crew name... I really don't understand why spamming so much random stuff here is so fun for you... anyway. (This is for most NG crews).

At least the music is good, at least...

to the ones who don't know the music is "B├Áken Deshou Deshou" by Aya Hirano. Also played in the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu series opening. (Also know as The melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi). Well hope you think about your own acts in this portal a little and help your "Crewrades" anyway.

Overral Score: 0 - For spamming the portal with useless/wrong things that are not meant to be here.

MichiganPlateClock responds:

you don't seem to understand.

let me elaborate.

not the worse ive seen

btw whats the name of the song?XD

MichiganPlateClock responds:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya