Farm Frenzy

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Hi, this is my 1st every submission after being a newgrounds fan for a long long time. I finally am able to do something using flash and am very happy. Hope you guys like my simple game (:

Helpful Comments are welcome (:

8/9/2009 12.20AM(Singapore)
Thanks for all your reviews guys, I'm so glad my 1st flash managed to pass judgment :D:D:D

I will work really hard to come out with more of these (:

8/9/2009 8.43PM(Singapore)
I tried, it is possible to hit the bottom cockroach, but it is uber hard D;

10/9/2009 10.41PM(Singapore)
New features added, but I think I will upload it when I think it can get a minimum great score :D


A start.

Yes. It is a start for you. If you sit down read and try to make stuff in Flash, you get better and better. Maybe you can get a really good game.

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Im sory :(

Wow... for a first submission.. sure i guess scripting is okay... but DUDE your guns cursor is SOOOO hard to see.... the roach animation could be better... could use working on making things a little flashier... maybe some upgrades etc. im sorry but it looks like its just too.... 1 track... this would be better off as a banner of some sort... seriously...

(title in work)

Not a bad concept for a game. It needs quite a bit refining though. First off, definitely increase the framerate. It will make moving the mouse across the screen much smoother and easier to gauge. Also, the roaches only come out of like 4 spots, so increase that to make it more interesting. Also, you could add some sort of level system to this or have waves or something. This game just goes on forever as it is, which is really boring.

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A good start

Better than my firsts by a long shot. Couple of things to try would maybe vary weapons, more enemies and different stages? For a basic shooter like this it shouldn't be too hard to fling in a new background picture every now and then and it would help the variety loads. On another note, is it even possible to nail the roach at the very bottom?

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Just a tip

Use a red dot next time! I lost my cursor several times.. also, it's kinda repetitive.

Stick at it though, I'm sure you'll be able to cook something up!! :)

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3.55 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2009
3:42 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person