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My first flash on newgrounds. Try to find the easter egg!
If you are experincing problems with the preloader, click the screen. This should solve your problem.
please, leave a review. I love hearing what I need to improve on!

~EDIT~ preloader will be fixed/added by next week. Would be sooner,but right now Idon't have access to MY computer.
~EDIT~ the preloader I recived from NG isn't cooperating with my animation! when I copy/paste it into the animation, it has faulty coding in two lines of AC. Halp!
~EDIT~ preloader fixed, no looping. :D
~EDIT~ gave more credit where credit is due. madness9, by ceshyre. in a hurry, i'll figger out how to spell the name later >.<
~EDIT~ It's possible that sometime in the future there could be a remake of this. But for now, I will harvest the low scores and bad reviews. I'd rather you'd watch my other animation, and pretend this one doesn't excist. Thanks!


wow awsome

cool it was awsome and i watched it a lot of times

ZAchaPi responds:

Thanks. You're the first response I've had I'n a while. Glad you liked it, see you around.

It was okay

I have seen better but I have also seen much worse. The only thing I found a little annoying was when one of the guys was walking to the main character... It took what seemed like forever.

ZAchaPi responds:

It was kinda supposed to be. Thanks!


My worst fears are to be stuck in an elevator (with an open door) with these things. Try using more frames and increasing the frame rate next time.

ZAchaPi responds:

The door wasn't open, itwas just a darker shade than the wall. And the next animation includes both things mentioned above.
Sorry you didn't enjoy my work, I will try to do better next time.

it was ok, but a little robotic

not a bad madness video, one of the few decent ones ive seen

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ZAchaPi responds:

Glad you think it's decent.


I think you should try higher frame rate (above 25) next time.

ZAchaPi responds:

I agree. Most of my animations are set for 18 fps, but this was not. Thanks!

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2.53 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2009
9:55 PM EDT