Urban Legends: Ghosts

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Turn out the lights, crank up the volume! 'Ghosts' is the newest addition to JKCinema's Urban Legends Series. In this mini-documentary we present "ghostly evidence" in the form of media collected from around the internet, in books and elsewhere. Check out the evidence and draw your own conclusions!

* Note: the media presented includes photographs, videos, and audio. Because of size limits on flash in the Newgrounds Portal, the videos section had to be trimmed down. Visit JKCinema.com for the full 7 MB version!

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And as always, visit JKCinema.com for Urban Legends EXTRAS!


I had already learned most of those things........

Even before I watched this movie. It was a good educational experience though. Especially the dog one. And the TV and Cam trick.

The first time I've seen it...

It was on a site that was said to have stolen many contents (you know what I mean), with that I know in the end there's a screamer set up to scare us for reasons we know why.

On to the flash itself, you did a great job on compiling the reports of those supernatural occurences as they can be difficult to find and can be forgotten. You made a great choice of music as it fits the tone of the flash which makes it pretty dark and scary as well.

Also nice job on the text narration as it helps explain what was going on on each photos and the video clips that were documented. You must've done a lot of research on all of these things.

With that said, there is one question (not counting the one at the end of this review) that I have in mind...

Why didn't you submit the rest of the 'Urban Legends' series? (Aside from the fact that you did that so you can get more people to visit your website)

I've always wanted to see those in Newgrounds and I'm sure it would've done well as those you have already submitted. The one I've especially enjoyed was the one about the origins which was pretty funny even though many of them were pretty much disproved. Come to think of it, you should submit all your stuff to newgrounds since you have impressive collection of flash works in your website.

The only problem I have is the ending because of the screamer, why do you really need to do that? The others are scary enough so why do you need to do this? I hated you for that

Overall you have done an excellent job and for this I'll rate it highly

Keep up the great work!


That was creepy! Scared me dude! XD And i don't believe in ghosts.. Your series are awesome! ^_^ Loved the subliminal messages.


It is kind of funny but then somehow creepy ^_^

*Head twiches*

...Wow. All I can say is that was really scary.

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Apr 22, 2002
3:26 PM EDT