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Super Hoverblock

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A puzzle game with deep strategy but familiar Tetris-like controls.

EDIT: Fixed many bugs, for real this time! Preloader now works, and the text no longer looks like garbage on non-XP computers.

Strategy tips:

BE AGRESSIVE. The object of the game is to score points. This isn't like other games in the same genre; you can't live forever even if you try. Instead, you want to make big combos and chains, even if you ultimitely kill yourself by doing so.

PLAY A FEW TIMES before giving up. The learning curve is steep, but you'll get used to the game and its complexity if you give it a chance.

BE PATIENT when you are lucky enough to get a piece with 4 blocks of the same color on it. Your instinct will probably be to use it to get rid of some stray block, but it can also be the perfect setup to score big in the near future.

THE MEDALS are not easy to get. When trying to earn one, choose the easiest difficulty level the medal allows.

I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had designing it!


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not bad

It's not bad. I don't like the fact that after matching a set of blocks, the other blocks that were attached hang in mid air instead of falling.

xXCrowXx responds:

That was the toughest design decision, but I stand by the hovering aspect.

The issue that arises is, if the individual blocks within each piece eventually fall down completely so they are compact on the ground, when do you make that happen? Any answer I tried other than "as soon as the piece is set on the ground in the first place" just didn't make any sense when you played it. I eventually decided that "never" was actually a pretty cool answer, and the akwardness of the floating pieces forced the player to analyze the pieces very carefully.

If you're interested in how the game would turn out if every individual block always fell, look up the game "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine". The pieces are Dr. Mario shaped rather than Tetris Shaped, but aside from that the game would be identical.


Very good twists on a classic gameplay style. I'm not one for puzzle games, but I like this anyway.

Very nice

Wow! That was pretty nice. I like Tetris and this ability to park pieces in midair adds a really cool element to it. Thanks for sharing!

I've been trying

forever to get those damn medals! lol i dunno if they'll even work since it hasn't passed judgment yet. I keep slamming the tiles all the way down trying to get it to go a little faster and end up screwing myself over. Great game, especially for a first submission. Keep it up