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Circle Packing

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CONTROLS: Drag circles with your mouse. Click a circle to select it.
Selected circles can be moved with the arrow keys (for higher precision)

GOAL: In Level n, all n circles with radius from 1 to n must be in the big circle without touching each other or the big circle border.

If the circles with radius 1 to n are not located in the big circle, the big circles border will be red.
Otherwise it will be green.

If two circles touch each other, there will be a line between their centers.

The problem is solved if the background becomes green.
Press ENTER to enter level n+1.

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(title in work)

Not bad, though the game play is pretty obvious to solve, yet very tedious and exact. It's a bit too tedious if you ask me, though I'm not sure how you would preserve the game without changing that. Decent for a quick game, but not that interesting in the long run.

Great, simple idea

With such a simple game concept, I'm almost surprised that no one (I've seen) has done it before...
However, it would be unfair to rate this too highly since it's so basic.

I'm also left wondering: Is it actually possible to calculate whether a level is possible to complete, without actually doing it yourself? Almost certainly yes, but...how?
I couldn't shuffle things around the right way to get past lvl 10 :(

Simple, yet addicting

Very fun and addicting. Also a really originally idea executed well.

Only thing I have is that a lot of the levels were out of order...as in, level 4 was the hardest level in the game. But don't worry about it man, I know how hard it is to create levels and test so I won't break your chops for anything.

All in all, a simple, original and somewhat addicting game. Although somewhat dull, could have done with some music or backgrounds.

4/5 - 8/10

BlackStar23 responds:

I dont think level 4 is hard.
The problem with the difficulty is that that rounded the minimal radius of the circle to get an integer. Therefore sometimes easier

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2009
12:03 PM EDT