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Simplification Study

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Dabbled for three hours and came up with this, I can't sleep.

It was primarily a study in conveying a simple story (conflict between different things) without dialogue or characters that are in any way biological or mechanical, just basic shapes. Trying to give the shapes personality.

I only made it 20 seconds, because honestly how many times can a circle hit a square and visa versa before one gets bored?

I don't know the name of the painting, but there is an abstract that is really popular that I used to base the design off of, and the story 's premise question: What if a circle were introduced to the sqare wnvironment?

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Thanks for using my music! Also that's a pretty decent animation! HopeI get to see a lot more of your animations and you use a lot more of my music in the future!


Why is everybody an asshole and this hasn't even got a score over three?
Oooh, yeah, everybody wants a stickman mario-fights-sonic-manga-battleclip.

I like what you did.

Good job

I liked the smoothness and 3D-ish graphics
-1 point:too short make more and longer ^^

Pretty Good

I liked how that ball moves, sounds were well synchronised. Good. The painting could be a Mondrian one...


Great animation mate
Really high end 3d work