Very Short LSW Fight

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I bring you today a very, very,very very short movie between goku and Goku junior
It is a request from a spanish forum that I made.
Goku jr is flyng and someone appear
Goku Jr: Who are you?
Goku: If you can defeat me, I will tell to you
Then the fight.
Goku: You did it well
Goku Jr: Wait!!
Goku Jr: Who was he?

Oh and the sounds arenĀ“t very good, sorry.

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Why do you people always make too short clips? They will be always blammed man... I appreciate that you like Dragonball and making flash but you have to work for it man... Keep doing this stuff mate.

Needs some work.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The sprites were done well and the animation was perfectly smooth. Background looked good and everything was really good looking. The speed of the animation was terrible though. It really needed to be slowed down a tad bit so we could see what was going on.

The words were hard to read so I suggest making a subtitle bar. Make a layer of a black bar on the bottom of the screen and change the alpha a little bit so it's slightly transparent and you can see what's going on behind it. Then you can use white text over the subtitle bar to make for an easy read text.

~ Story/Content ~

The play and top button wasn't needed as by the time someone could get their mouse to the stop button the movie would be done playing. I had to watch it a couple of times to see what was going on. It would have been better if it started off with some sort of story or plot and then slowly worked into a fight. The fight should have included more dialogue between the characters and should of lasted for at least 30 seconds to a minute long. Then you could have ended it there or could have continued with the story or even had a to be continued thing for a next episode.

Even if you didn't want to go with a story it would have been much better if it was again about 30 seconds to a minute. It goes by so fast it's not even worth watching.

~ Audio ~

The sound effects weren't timed perfect, but they weren't terrible. Some better syncing could have been good, but they sounded pretty good all around.

~ Overall ~

Try to add a story to it, but if you want it to be a random fight then you need to make it a tad bit longer and slow down the animation slightly. Good luck.


it's OK for a short movie.


Um... huh? That went WAY too fast. And, what's the story here? Why are they fighting? WHATS GOING ON?!?! I'm Mexican and I know spanish, so I should be able to know what there saying. But I don't because everything goes WAY TOO FAST! Please, next time, TRY HARDER!

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Aug 5, 2009
3:43 PM EDT
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