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How to draw 8: Newgrounds

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Learn how to draw your characters from Newgrounds with step-by-step instructions - including your favourite: Tankman, Bitey, Salad Fingers and many more!

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um, it doesn't work. Maybe it's me old mac but it doesn't make lines, it's like having a pencil lead and not leaving a mark behind. please help?

Aprime responds:

Since this piece and it's technology is so old, you're better off drawing on paper or in Photoshop

Very functional, good looking and OK Music. The selection is great- all the obvious characters are done in detail.

The only details that disappoint are the poor spelling- one really needs to get things like this checked and proofread by someone else- some of the errors are really irritating and lower the reader's confidence in what you say. That and the fact that a small amount of the text overlaps the drawing, making it less easy to read and understand than it might be.

Aprime responds:

Yeah, sorry about that.

I was 16 when I made this and my spelling wasn't the best.
As for the fonts, I had to decompile the project to change the music and that must have messed the fonts and positions up.

Glad you enjoyed the rest of it though.

hey its really awesome now I can draw my favorite cartoon salad fingers but the episode where the doctor claws out the horse guts and its is kind of morbid

Aprime responds:

lol thanks

Thanks for teaching me how to draw these cool characters, it helped alot.

Aprime responds:

You're welcome!

i love the first two music tracks, good to hear when drawing stuff like these!

Aprime responds:

Yeah, that guy's a great artist!!