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Author Comments

Your average stickfigure movie, with a twist! I have enabled a blood/gore on/off feature. Feedback is reccommended, and also is critisisim.

song is touchdown turnaround by hellogoodbye

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This was decent :3

Like the guy under me said about weapons, make them more realistic. I hate infinite ammo crap truthfully, but if he had infinite ammo, make his still have to change clips :3 . I liked this movie, and suprised it had a plot, but wasn't explained till the end, thus making random violence understandable :D For that I give you a 7 (Because this still could do work, but I understand how hard it is to make animation sometimes, you make good plots and twist, so thats whyyou get a 7 :3 ) Again work on the weapons and add a bit of sound affects (if you can find them) and be careful with the color choice, bright on white doesn't look so good and is hard to read, hope to see more work from you, and don't stop animating if someone brings you down, because you should be proud of what you made and not care what some idiotic douches have to say [sorry for language, lol, I hate cursing on sites, but sometimes it's needed to make a point]

Some tips:

Sound effects has already been metioned, but it's important enough to reiterate.

Combat, hits and abilities that look like they should be heavy blows or substantial need to be emphasized. A good way to do this is to make the screen flash for a split second.

Boyband music? No, you need something epic and more fighting-esque.

Your running animation needs work. It looks like he's doing a goofy hop/run, putting his legs way in front and then jumping into the step.

Make the background less annoying/attention grabbing. The focus is the main figure and what he's doing! I want to be able to see him fighting, not just a purple blur on a confusing background.

Make the figures do more technical moves (throws, ju jitsu, karate, etc.) I'd recommend watching some Jet Lee movies and other stick animations and incorporating what you see. it's going to take some time to make it look identical to real moves, but in the long run it's worth it. This is a flash about a stick figure whooping some a**, I want it to look like he's got the skills. It shouldn't look like everyone has the fighting skills of a school kid.

More weapons, but don't make him pull them out of thin air! Any weapons he uses he should either start with (and are noticeable. And don't make him randomly pull a gun out of his 'pocket' either, that feels dirty), or weapons he grabs from enemies. Examples are Bo staves, swords, knives, and guns. If a gun is used, make it realistic! No infinite ammo please.

Watch other animators' work. You'll see a lot of what I've mentioned. It makes for a clean, accurate, "realistic" action flash.

Great work on this so far, hope to see you polishing your work and submitting better flash. Best of luck!

slugsfordinner responds:

Wow there was alot of stuff in this review, and I thank you for that. All of your critisism helped and taking your time to write a nice solid review, thank you for everything!


Hmm... I don't usually comment

But I see a lot of potential in your work- many of the respected stick animators starting worked looked something like this- so just keep it up... as for the song bad choice but it also plays it twice if you play the video and go back to watch it again :P. Anyway choose some figting music or something, next time you take a shot at this. Good luck.

slugsfordinner responds:

Wow really? thank you so much for taking our time to comment!

You rock,


this seems kinda lazy. The backgrouns you just slapped a jepg in the back drew some lines to make it the ground and called it a "Stage". They where kinda ugly.

The music doesnt go with this at all.... at all.

No sound effect is your biggest flaw here though...

The actual stick animation was pretty decent though.

slugsfordinner responds:

thanks for the helpful critisism, i will take your advice and try harder next time!

Thanks again,

I Like!

Was Pretty Good, Bad Song Choice, Fighting Was Smooth. You Just Need A Bit More Practise And You'll Be One Badass Stick Animator (:

slugsfordinner responds:

Thanks for all of the nice feedback and helpful critisisim! It was nice of you to take your time to comment!

Thanks a ton,

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2009
5:35 PM EDT