VG Exiles - Episode 2

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Important notes:

This movie is graphically intensive, very large, and very long.

I recommend that you go back and watch the previous episodes if you are new to the series.

The Extras Menu now contains a section entitled, "The Multiverse Explained". It provides a solid explanation of how this series works.

Battle anthem is "Ego Bypass Generator" by SYBREED.


Plucked from their own separate dimensions, The Exiles are a group of dimension-hoppers who have taken on the responsibility of ensuring the stability of the Multiverse. From their home within the extradimensional crystal palace known as Panoptichron, the Exiles oversee all of reality.

Gambit, the Acolyte spy responsible for murdering Sonya Blade and setting up the ambush that killed all but two of the Exiles is now on the run. Locked down on Earth 6013-1226, the mutant serial killer comes face-to-face with Jon Talbain, an Exile desperate to avenge the fallen.

Who will be standing when the dust settles? Only one thing is certain: Earth 6013-1226 will never be the same again.


This 16.6 MB behemoth is over seventeen minutes long and is the most ambitious project I have ever undertaken. I'd like to thank Lee Drake for providing the original artwork. I'd also like to thank VAC members Rina-chan, Darkwolf, and Shockdingo for their vocal contributions. It was a pleasure working with all of you!

I'd also like to thank Tom Fulp for allowing me to premiere this movie on Newgrounds!

To you, the viewer, I recommend that you get a beverage, sit back, and relax. Just don't expect to stay that way for long! This is guaranteed to put you on the edge of your seat!



it was excellent till

well yea excellent till it got to the dialog part. if that was your artistic drawing id suggest trying to work hard on it it just didnt go with the background at all (then again it was Spritilized) its a great video i think ill check out the 1st one.

things to improve: artistic skill, matching the art to background, some voice acting could be improved.

overall 8/10



that should be on TV.

And Gambit caught Ryu's head. wow amazing vid.

but you know that.


I liked the end

Hahah Johnny Cage is not the type of person who does that, but it was kinda cool the way that it has been done. It should have been someone like scorpion or kano, at least a bad guy from the mk series

R1665 responds:

This isn't the "normal" Johnny Cage.

Exile Johnny is from an alternate dimension (see Ep. 0 for his bio). He is powerful, ruthless, cold, and a generally unpleasant person. Not one to be trifled with.


seriously epic

if i could go higher than 10 stars i would cause you certainly would have earned it

Great Movie

I really thought the movie was very well done. The animation during the cut scenes could be better but I didn't take anything away because it is fantastic as a whole. The storyline was great and the fight scene was awesome, I only wish that Gambit wasn't a bad guy cause he is one of my favorite characters. I like the take on the old Mortal Combat TV show with the multi-verse and incorporating it all together with Marvel and Street Fighter. It was really good man and I can't wait to see more.


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