Giraffe Attack

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The Russians sneer at rival countries and their frivolous animal-flinging methods. Its time to send their own.

Developed by Armor Games
Programmed by jmtb02
Music by ParagonX9

Arrow Keys to Move


Goddamn that omega walrus!

Died 13 times on the Omega Walrus, glad I played through though, awesome style and music.

A bit short, but then again it fits the gameplay.

My only complaint is that there is too much going on with the omega walrus, I'd sometimes die instantaneously on the half health checkpoint. Not a massive foible as I only died 13 times overall, but still pretty frustrating.

Otherwise epic, I can't stop saying Omega walrus. Omega Walrus. Omega Walrus. I think i'm going to go whittle one out of wood right now. Thats a cool word too, whittle.

nedds better controls

when u use the mouse the controls lag and the arrows are to slow

This game is better then crack.

I wear, I laughed the second this game started and I thought "okay, so it's a cool concept, but it won't manage to stay original.". Well, I was wrong. SO VERY WRONG. This game energized me like very few things ever had, the music was intense, the fighting made me feel alive, and every check point was more epically awesome then the last. This game is a triumph. It may be nintendo hard, but bloody hell, it's TOTALLY WORTH IT. This is the most entertainment for it's length I have ever seen, anywhere, in any media, ever. I'm in awe.The only niggling point is the boss battle took too long to get past, but even then, it just made me more determined. The creator of this deserves to be proud.

so funny on so many levels.

I LITERALY shot milk out my nose when I saw a walrus with a canadian flag.

Bit short yada yada yada Can't always see the missles blah blah blah

Great game!!


It was fun and addicting but it took me a while to understand that the rockets that com behind you when you first get to space hurt you.
I thought you had rocket launchers because you got those laser things on the second level.

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2009
11:57 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click