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Red Code 2

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Author Comments

You asked for it- here it is, the sequel to Red Code.


Sorry for the wait- We have listened to your reviews and added SAVE POINTS!!!

Now when you die you will continue from the last beacon.

Also, the evolved lazer has been improved.


The sequel has more upgrades, more enemies, a proper story and an ending!

Defend your four beacons against the insects. Upgrade and evolve your trooper to become the ultimate killing machine.

WASD or arrows to move your trooper.
1234 to switch firing mode.
Mouse to aim and shoot.

Spend your energy upgrades wisely and evolve to become powerful enough to succeed.

Some people are reporting a problem with the ad- if it sticks on it try right clicking and selecting PLAY from the menu or just F5 to refresh. Cheers.

#New version- Bugs fixed and more instructions in-game#

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Hello from 2020

Comparing the 1st part, its better. Not great, but better.
If you seek for a challenge, you may complete it once. Unfortunately, main gameplay in truth still have few repeatative elements, and platformer element is very short, so there is no point in completing it 2+ times. And most terrible, its LAGS. Heavily.
1) Before most beacons you can actually grind appearing foes for more energy. Use that if you feel yourself weak. also don't forget to weapon recharge and health regenerated before proceeding forward.
2) Aside of beacon 4, hologram shoud face same direction as you and thus increase your firepower. You yourself should stay at frontline of horden shooting all weapons and spamming grenades.
3) Weapon firepower is more important that regen or armor, as best defence is good offence. Don't upgrade jump more than 4-5 times - remember about double jump!
4) Upgrading shotgun mode with recharge will actvate beam superweapon, which actually pierces foes and may hit entire row of them. Very useful at beacon 4, where just firing at left, parallel to surface will destroy all that large foes before you can see them. You will have to only kill those on right side (with burst mode or its upgrade).
5) Don't waste time upgrading your hologram as much as you. It can't receive superweapon after all, and it's normal weapons are much less accurate than yours. Yet you should give it some upgrades, which is not expencive as much as upgrading it in same tier as you.
6) Those 5 bonuses for each 10 upgrade bars are seems to don't even work. Ignore them.

it's too hard!

Fun little game.

Nice design and gameplay.
Love it!