Harry Potter/DBZ 3

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OK Here it is the Final HarryPotter/DBZ Cartoon. It had to end sometime:) A few things to cover first off you need Flash MX Player to View this cartoon most you should already have it by now if you don't go it get here.

Also there is breif nudity so if you shy or something you might want to skip it nothing major though.
Also, sorry about the file size but as you know when you have a cartoon with options they tend to be long. And we packed this one full of cameos and killing. We hope you enjoy the cartoon and we thank everyone for their ideas. Their was never supposed to be a part 2 let a lone a part three so we hope this finial one will make you laugh as the last two did. As the saying goes all good things so enough from us go watch the cartoon and enjoy

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Awsome graphics and shit, if i could do stuff like that i would of done the same exact fuckin thing.....keeep up the good work and you will be famouse and shit man!


This is the shiznite!


i think you should make a sequel to this, no matter what. PLEASE!!! lol both ways

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Great stuff

Great sound, and great violence, and what not, keep up the good work

I can't stop laughing it's still funny!

This truly is a perfect movie! It's got great drawings, the talking is coordinated w/ the lip movements, it's super funny, it's got nudity, it's got lots of blood and violence, this is like the BEST movie on Newgrounds! Everytime I watch this I can't stop laughing no matter what ending I pick, which btw, are very funny especially the last one where they all dance together. You SERIOUSLY have to make more of these, maybe w/ different main characters, but MAKE MORE PARODIES LIKE THIS YOU ARE AN AWESOME ARTIST!!!

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4.01 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2002
8:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody