Harry Potter/DBZ 3

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OK Here it is the Final HarryPotter/DBZ Cartoon. It had to end sometime:) A few things to cover first off you need Flash MX Player to View this cartoon most you should already have it by now if you don't go it get here.

Also there is breif nudity so if you shy or something you might want to skip it nothing major though.
Also, sorry about the file size but as you know when you have a cartoon with options they tend to be long. And we packed this one full of cameos and killing. We hope you enjoy the cartoon and we thank everyone for their ideas. Their was never supposed to be a part 2 let a lone a part three so we hope this finial one will make you laugh as the last two did. As the saying goes all good things so enough from us go watch the cartoon and enjoy

((((as always if you want to join our email list to find out when our cartoons are going to come out email us with the subject sign me up)))


Holy Fuckin Handgrenades of Antiok

I have been diggin on Newgrounds for about four years now and that is by far no smoke up your ass, one hundred percent the best flash I ever seen, I laughed my ass off, the characters, Liono, Woodstock were my favorites, You wanna race blackman any time honkey, funniest shit in there and the girls girls girls song is my favorite motley crue song dude just fuckin wow.

i love it

OR ELSE!!!!!


MORE EPISODES!! damnit ..... can't u vs. harry potter with like i dunno digimon, or even the vs cowboy beebop.
or harry potter vs. naruto, cause they talk endlessly but funny,

you could also try vs one piece pirates funneh,
or vs gash bell cause they are demons that would make more sense.
or vs. kerero gunso (SGT. Frog)
maaann why must it end hereeee whhhyyy


I know that you said that you weren't going to continue the series, but from one fan; all I can say is, "Please make more episodes."

Iwould,but this poopy- headed bitch pushed me off!

How can such a stupid combination be so funny? Here's what i liked:
*Jambi the genie pissing off morpheous
*Ghost Busters cameo appearence
*The way OJ killed the Hobbit
*that scene with all the 80's characters
Here's what I had questions about:
*On the INA ending, what's that song at begining?
*Why was there so many penis jokes in this series? it got old by the second episode
Well, that's all i have to say.

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Apr 21, 2002
8:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody