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Stab Frogs

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Author Comments

A - Regular Attack
S - Split Kick Attack
Space - Action Button, Heal Yourself
Left and Right Arrows - Run
Up Arrow - Jump
Esc - Open Save Menu

I made this 3 years ago, when I was 12, so I didn't really understand how to balance games. At all.
I was very into World of Warcraft at the time, so I wanted to make a WoW clone in flash. I didn't get very far, and the only class you can play as is a rogue-like character that uses daggers.

So, some tips:

- When you finish the frog quest, you have to talk to the guy again in order for the cabbage patch to work as a teleporter.

- To make speech bubbles go away, press the red dot.

- Split kick is pretty much useless. Which makes energy pretty much useless.

- The big number to the right of your health is your level.

- If you're having trouble with the zombies, level up a few times and they'll become extremely easy.

- When you kill Grog, the game ends. So don't walk around town thinking "What do I do next???", because I stopped making the game at that point.

- You need to press space to enter AND EXIT buildings/caves.

- When I made the "sit down and heal" ability, I forgot I had also made space an action button. So whenever you press space to talk to someone, or go through a door, you sit down and start healing.

- The heal ability, which was added later, also makes the grocery store totally useless.

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Aw, you were into WoW, huh. . .

Do you STILL play I wonder? Thinks of my Shadow Priest and remembers I need to check my mailbox and the Auction House in Azeroth. Hmmm, this was a cute game. Very low intensity. Not stressful, easy to manipulate but I had issues with the whole key functioning. It's still fun to play though. I'm suprised you didn't use more viscious creatures to attack people with or anything. I guess it was more simple to draw a frog though huh? Either way, Man, this game is cute as all get out. Three years ago you say? That's a LONG time ago. Are you working on anything recent? Game, movie, what? Tell me, tell me, please. I have grown quite fond of your stuff. ESPECIALLY your music, Man. I'd LOVE to hear some more too. PLEASE GO MAKE MORE NOW. Until you decide to . . . .

.............Take care, be good and play Rogues.period

not broken, shattered

This game has many flaws ... firstly: the instructions should have been included in the game. Tutorials may be annoying but not many people would bother to read the games description.

The first level is broken. Not just the bottomless pit but also the fact that I could get hurt by a frog facing away from me. Also: this game is titled "Stab Frogs" and mentions nothing about zombies. I wouldn't mind stabbing frog-people but why include zombies at all?

The cave level isn't so much broken as it is shattered as approaching either left or right wall could cause the death plummit and, why even bother with a save feature if the game ends after the first 'boss' ?

The music was also ... not good ... I had to mute my computer ... If nothing else: the first level delevered exactly what the title promised ...

real good

dis is like, a real good game and stuff
i was real confused until I read the author comments tho

a lot of glitches

thats all

very nice

very very good game but i kept going left after cabbage patch and fell off lol maybe invisible wall?
anyway good game

Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2009
4:50 PM EDT