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This is my VERY 1st drawn animation! I usually just did sprites since 04, but since i'm going to college this fall, I finally decided to take the next step. Its a short.

I decided to use 'still art' animation because i'm obviously not good enough to do credible frame by frame yet. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! SPECIAL THANKS TO Zstriefel!! Mostly every sound you hear from the animation came from him. He also created the credits music in under 5 mins! He's amazing sound editor you should REALLY talk to him about making you sounds!


--Keep watching through credits to see the aftermath of what happened!--


Bug fixed where it wouldn't go back at the replay button.


Enjoyed it.

I loved this style of animation. To me, it stands out and makes it unique. The music went very well with what was going on, and overall, without one word of dialogue, you told a good story. I also liked the "aftermath" in the credits.

Xcyper33 responds:

Sweet, thanks for the review! :)


Great job for a 1st drawn animation!

I enjoyed it!

Xcyper33 responds:

I'm happy that you enjoyed it

Ive been following this thing since the thread

it was cool to see it all come together. Keep up the good work and the explosion was SWEET

Xcyper33 responds:

Yeah! You saw it starting from its beginnings!


Keep it up!

It was pretty well done, actually!

When I first read your description, I was prepared for the worst... I didn't quite expect someone who supposedly just turned from sprites to actual animation to have anything of quality.

I have to say your drawings are actually of quite high quality. Not necessarily the best, but certainly good enough to warrant a good animation. I like your use of effects too, such as the smoke and the explosion of the nuke. They were very well executed, in my opinion.

Furthermore, you did the music quite well, there was no dialogue, but the story was moving, in its own small way, all thanks to everything that you put together. If you were to make another animation, my only help I could offer would be to make it a little longer (perhaps? This was of a good length though, I think) and I guess you could slowly work on the frame by frame. It'll be painful, but your art would certainly look good if you put the effort into putting in more frame by frame. You certainly have the still art down!

Looking forward to future pieces from you =)

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Aug 2, 2009
12:02 PM EDT
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