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This is my VERY 1st drawn animation! I usually just did sprites since 04, but since i'm going to college this fall, I finally decided to take the next step. Its a short.

I decided to use 'still art' animation because i'm obviously not good enough to do credible frame by frame yet. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! SPECIAL THANKS TO Zstriefel!! Mostly every sound you hear from the animation came from him. He also created the credits music in under 5 mins! He's amazing sound editor you should REALLY talk to him about making you sounds!


--Keep watching through credits to see the aftermath of what happened!--


Bug fixed where it wouldn't go back at the replay button.



nuclear bombs cannot cause much damage on the ground, they must explode at a certain altitude to cause their maximum burst , if they explosde on the ground they will cause a massive subterran shockwave that can shatter buliding foundation but not much heat and pressure blast on the surface because the bust get doused due to the close proximity of the ground, in mid air however the blast isn't halted by anything, so once the burst bypass the heat effect it expand exponentially creating much greater devastation, and of course, the shroom shaped radioactive cloud we soo much love.

this said however...it was fun to watch...nothing like gratuitious mass anihilation and violence to entertain hordes of internet sheeps

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Xcyper33 responds:

(O.o)..my next nuking animation, I'm definately coming to you.

I like it.

For once, a nintendo reference wasn't made in a flash cartoon, and it was actually original.

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Xcyper33 responds:

Thanks that means alot to me :)

Pretty ok

For a new animation it wasen't all that bad. only thing I disagree with is that if it was a Nuclear Bomb/Explosive it wouldn't have came from a tube or mortar-like launcher. I can see the thought that was put into this. If I made something like this, there would have had a warning which gave the seconds upon detonation so instead of the bomb landing in the city, it would explode over or upon impact. I am not for blowing up the world but I sure do love the scenarios so I look into them.
6/10 4/5
PS. You should make it a warhead instead of full missle :), they tend to get in the way

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Drop the bomb!

Animation: 2
Story: 2
My Liking: 4

*Guy going up to nuke*- "What the hell is this? It's big and shiny... I wonder what it-OH GOD MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol =P

Great end of days short.

That was very well made. The animation fits perfectly to the shorts concept. The tension you created was excellent as well...

Xcyper33 responds:

Yeah thank you. Next flash i'll make will probably me alot more light hearted

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Aug 2, 2009
12:02 PM EDT
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