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The Power Dump

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Hey, guys, this is my first flash short. I'm pretty proud of it even though there are minor mistakes here and there. I didn't spend too much time on it because there are other projects I'm very eager to move on to, so it's kind of short, but it's to the point. Please rate and comment. Don't be to hard on me. Like I said, it's my first short, lol. I hope you enjoy. =D


I guess

I don't want to speak for everyone, that joke has existed since Goku first went super saiyan. Pretty hackneyed after several years go by.

I can't blame you for animating it though, I've tried to draw a few jokes that I knew everyone else would do.

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That made no sense but it made me laugh.


That was funny. If only Goku became a Super Sayian on the toilet instead

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lol that was great

Not bad

For a first flash, it aint bad. I will say, I think the funniest part was at the beginning ("OBJECTION!") however, it definitely could use improvement though, no denying that.

Also, make it so it doesnt keep repeating when it finishes xP haha! Anywho, I was amused enough that Im interested in seeing your future projects. Keep working at it dude!

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MrBearadactyl responds:

Thanks, man. I really appreciated your review. You didn't just give it a 10 and leave a short comment. I like that. I should have my other video up in about a week or so. =)

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Aug 2, 2009
7:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Original