Naruto Hentai!x!

August 2, 2009 –
December 14, 2011
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Well , Thats my first Flash so... i dont really think that can be great , So , The game classification are up to you , Ho and Please, Say your opinion , without rude word please

Sorry for button , I've repair this , the button still moving , But not move much

-button dont move , Well , it continu , but it dont move alot
-Mute Mode added

Backward button


is the hentai sight you used free?

This does not really qualify as a game, its more like a slide show. other then that those were great pictures, but it was to short.

Lol, I wouldn't say that if I were you. Other than that, the button needs to stop jumping around. Then It would be ok

I have two suggestions for you. One don't have the button move all over the place. It makes it easier for the user to flip to the next image if they don't have to move their mouse. Number two, try to increase your image amount, or use a back button as well as a forward button.

...that says "the more of something people have, the less they value it." Hence, dirt is worthless while diamonds are expensive.

There's been a lot of hentai slideshows coming out lately, some better than this, and the market's getting flooded. So, folks are starting to score them lower; they don't value them as much. You have to give a cool down period to let folks get bombarded by more spam, and to increase demand. If this was released during a hentai dry period, you'd probably be getting some 8's/3's.

Now, logic would dictate that if people wanted to see hentai, they could just google it up. But catching it in a hentai flash on NG is like catching your favorite song on the radio even though you have the CD; it's just more special when you catch it that one moment in time on the radio.

PS: +1 for not recycling Linkin Park music ... -1 for using this other lame song. (Sounds ok first time, but gets real annoying quick.)

It should stay in the same place at all times, we don't want to have to look for the button while looking at the pictures. Also, the pictures are pretty distorted. 5 for music and 1 for pics that I've already seen.

Enjoyed the photos. I think this is more of a gallery thing than a game.

I like music its soothing but not really fit for hentai. I know its from the series so thats probably why you chose it. Dont flip the button all over the place if you do a slideshow as it gets pretty annoying. Try and keep it in one place or put it on auto. The pics ranged from ok to good. All in all it was ok. I would reccomend remaking it and redoing a few things. Sadly 1/5 and 3/10.


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