sonic metal rampage ep 7

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yes, its finaly here!! as i promised, this is a lot longer than the other episodes, so comment and enjoy the fight!!!


it was alright


very good

its DBZ+Sonic very creative

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nicogear responds:

thanks, from now on i'll tell everyone this is suposed to have dbz style, i thought it would be clear from the beggining, but it seems it was not.

Awesome, plain awesome!

Sonic is one of my favorite video game series and this was just awesome, great fun to watch!

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nicogear responds:

thanks, i promise the next installment wont dissapoint you :D

...Err, another battle. But the story was diffrent

One-Nice to see the "escape" scene didn't involve a fight in it, so it "swaped" the story a bit.

Two-The thing that gave sonic and co the power was quite unoriginal, but the question is, why so much problems for a simple robot?

Three- MUCH longer then the last episodes, and in good quality as well!

Four- Two battles this time? Seems to add more appeal to the overall video.

Five- Seems another "escape" scene is coming, I do hope you do something so it doesn't act just like the last "escape".

Six-Still doesn't have the "Sonic games" feel of it, but a "DBZ" feel again....

So over all, this was the BEST episode in the whole series so far. 4/5, 8/10.

nicogear responds:

well thanks for being so constructive, but i have the answer to the point 2: mecha sonic is not a simple robot, he's like the metal sonic from sonic heroes(game for PS2), he's the true final boss of the game, and after all, he's a robot of SONIC and has some of his abilities too, and in sonic & knuckles its the final boss for knuckles and one of the bosses for sonic, still thanx for the 8!

Not Bad

Not Good either, Its okay.

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3.21 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2009
4:20 PM EDT
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