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My 1st Flash Animation

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I just recently got flash and decided I would try to make a video. It's a dogfight(fight between planes) because they are cool...not in real life...but in games sure. Everything in this video was done by me except for the song(see information) and the sound effects(Free-Loops.com). Any tips on things to do with flash or places to learn about flash are welcome. Thanks and please rate and review.

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Keep it up

very good for a first animation. Keep it up I hope for more animations and better ones


Pretty good first flash, but...

There's still lot of room for improvement. First off, I mean no disrespect, but I found the dogfights kind of...dull. It was just too easy for the good guy to win. Try making the dogfights longer, and have the enemies actually be pretty smart and pull out a lot of maneuvers, just like the good guy. Try changing the camera angles, mixed with some blur effects (in the filter option) a bit more to add to the excitement of a dogfight.
STill, on the up-side, the animation style was pretty good, and the designs were nice too. It's really good for a first animation (much, much better than my first lol)

Croberson responds:

Thanks, when I make the sequel to this...all of the boringness will be worked out.

xD .

I laughed so much when i heard your voice acting. Great job on this start off for your frame by frame style. I like the sound effects and the music was good. Keep experimenting with little things like this and youll get better and better. And the guy below doesnt know what he was talking about, you didnt use any tweens in this because you dont even know what tweens are hahah. If I were you i would add as much color as possible to your future flashes. I can do some voices for yah as well and help you with any writing, but Tommy is your writer isnt he?

For shooting, you chould have included multiple lazers isntead of just one or two for a better action effect. nice explosion animation, it wasnt too sketchy. And i am not sure how you got this up to 2.9MB... you probably had the sound in a weird format or something, happens all the time.

Keep it up!

Croberson responds:

Tommy isn't exactly my "official" writer, but if he writes, I'll animate for him. Lol, I really don't know how to use tweens...they are too young anyway...

Size issue!

It's strange how this tiny lenghted animation got such a high size (2.9 MB) with only a few sketch lines and basically tweening. And this was only a test, so you have to consider sparing space (compressing audio for example) in your future, more polished works. For example, MGA is only 2.3 MB:
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /297383
(remember to erase the spaces)

The voice acting is far from professional, but it's considerably good. Not monotone, somewhat lively, but also sound strange because both characters have the same timbre/pitch.

And my big hint: if you want to be a GREAT animator, spend time doing fbf (frame by frame), those take more work than tweenings but are much more worthier in the end.

Croberson responds:

What do you mean by Tweening? I used symbols but I never used any of the tweening features of flash. I'll try some frame by frame.


pretty good first flash dude!

Croberson responds:

Thanks man!

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3.64 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2009
1:25 PM EDT