If Communism Ruled

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Hey all, this is my most recent flash creation and I think, my best so far =D
I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the world under communism.
Be warned: I am somewhat strange, my views tend to vary a lot from most people... and reality :P

Edit the first: Sound timing is out... On the site. It isn't out on my PC so eh.
Edit the second: I updated flash manually on chrome. All is well now.
Edit the third and final: I changed some shit which I noticed was wrong, such as the 'zoom' towards the end of Phase 3 screwing up all the layers and the blood at the end of Phase 3 not working. I also thre in one or two crappy effects and did the real music credits.

I fixed the zoom issue by using a scripted camera. If you want it, here's the code.

onClipEvent (enterFrame){
this._visible = false
this.onEnterFrame = function(){
var scaleX = Stage.width / this._width;
var scaleY = Stage.height / this._height;
_parent._x = (Stage.width / 2) - (this._x * scaleX);
_parent._y = (Stage.height / 2) - (this._y * scaleY);
_parent._xscale = 100 * scaleX;
_parent._yscale = 100 * scaleY;
onClipEvent (unload){
this.onUnload = function(){
_parent._xscale = 100;
_parent._yscale = 100;
_parent._x = 0;
_parent._y = 0;

Just attach that to a movie clip and tween that around the stage, it will display the area within the box.


As a communist, I'm deeply offended by this. Communism is a system of peace, prosperity, equality, and here it is shown as a fascist-like state. Please do your research next time before posting any videos like this.

I don't quite see how any of this has anything to do with the ideology.. I assume the auther is either misinformed on communism, or is mocking the uneducated.

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damn java

good flash but i just cant stand javascript


Nuclear bomb... :D
I like this movie.


the phase 4 song is from serbia (where i live) and was made during the NATO aggression on our former socialist republic of Yugoslavia....
It did put a smile on my face though! :D 10/10 5/5 for the song :)

capncoolio responds:

Hehe, thanks!

I know the song is Serbian, I was just so tired when I was doing the credits that I really couldn't be bothered writing any more. :P

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Aug 1, 2009
3:30 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody