Prison Break Spoof

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Unfortunately I had to rush it a bit because I wanted to finish it before I go into holidays.. so basically the animation is a bit short - Anyway the punch lines and the pacing is pretty much like I imagined and except for some "style" animation I wouldn't include any plot-important stuff anyway. This might be the first part of a series. I hope you like it ;)

EDIT: For some reason I haven't figured out yet, the frame rate and therefore audio seems to be quite off as soon as it's played in a browser -.- Since that's neither the case within flash nor within the standalone flash player I'm having a hard time retiming this too - maybe after the holidays - sorry for the inconvenience.. I know how sucky it is to watch stuff with out of focus audio -.-



Graphics are sh*t and the lips dont match ANY of the words.

Cilmeron responds:



there lips didnt match words...the graphics were not so great either.

Cilmeron responds:

And you seriously think that this is worth a review? -.-
As written in the description -> I'm having trouble synching audio with picture due to some strange browser related issues.. also.. what's so bad about the graphics? Bottom line - if you like it you like it.. if not you won't. That all put aside.. obviously you will think worse about graphics/lipsynching/etc. if you weren't too interested in the whole flash in the first place - if that's the case leave reviewing to someone else kthxplz


It wasnt funny!

Cilmeron responds:

on the contrary I laughed my ass off writing it..

Kind of funny

I haven't seen the show, but from the previews this is pretty much what it seems like. The mouth sync was a little off and some of the animation was a little jumpy. Overall, not bad, but work on those things some more.

Cilmeron responds:

I apologize for those glitches - I don't know why it's displayed like that - in my standalone player it works quite nice -.- thanks for the review anyway

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4.08 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2009
11:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody