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how to make a quiz game!

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Author Comments

want to know how to make a quiz game well this is for you (if you know how to do not vote low)

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uhh thanks

it works but i didnt know there was another way

piggy123 responds:

what do you mean?


A few things wrong with this.
1) If you input gotoAndStop() there is no need for stop() on each frame. If you input gotoAndPlay() then you would need that stop command.
2) There is no need for win/lose frames per question. Make it go to the next if right, main lose screen if wrong. (Basic quiz games don't have clips between questions is my reason for saying this.)
3) You should tag/name frames as to make it easier for coding. If a question is played instead of being one frame and its extended later, you will be glad you put in gotoAndPlay("question2") rather than (5) because you would have to change all frame #'s after that point which is a huge pain in the ass.
4) It really only takes one person to create>code>edit>explain something of this simplicity.
Thats all I noticed without really tearing it apart. And please please unless someone knows how to make a GOOD quiz game do not waste all of our time by noobs spamming the portal as chesster415 said.
In case you were wondering, yes I have made quiz games before so I do know what I am talking about. No they are not on Newgrounds at the moment because I didn't think they were good enough. Seeing the quality (or lack thereof) of many submissions in the "Game" section I might just change my mind on that matter.
Again, as I said above, unless you know how to make a decent/good quiz game do not waste all of our time with a bunch of meh submissions. There are, as Nix314 stated, tons of flash tutorials to be found elsewhere that go way more in-depth and will likely be much more helpful to nooby flash coders. (Not necessarily aimed at submitter, just anyone who wishes to use this tutorial.)
Wow this is a long post for me. Sorry about that. But some things just need to be said and are not intended to be flaming or hateful rather are meant to be helpful. On the bright side of things you did choose a good piece of music for this submission and I'm sure I wasn't the only person around who did not know where the NG preloader was.

piggy123 responds:

well at least this review is helpful thank you

Let's give noobs instructions to spam the portal.

Great idea, this was poorly executed, had bad grapics, no example quiz, bad text formatting, the code wasn't explained, and everything was just low quality in general. Why this took two people I have no idea.

piggy123 responds:

1 to explain and 1 to code and it does explain the code

Credits & Info

2.17 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2009
5:12 PM EDT