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Conflict: Man Vs. Nature

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This is mostly frame-by-frame; just fair warning. It was just a little something I did to practice with flash. I'm still a novice, and there's definitely room for improvement, however it's still quite nice and I hope others enjoy it.

The two songs are Spring Waltz by Guy Person, and Epicness by Metaljonus. Both are epic.

EDIT: Ah, it's been years since I first released this. If I told myself when I was making this that in the coming years I'd be using this very same program to draw naked people... well I'd probably believe myself because even back then I was a perv.

I wonder what the first people to see this little flash think about what direction my flash career took... several reviews said they were looking forward to seeing what else I made, but I don't think any of them imagined what I'd make after this, haha.

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As I can see, this is your only SFW thing you have here, I liked it, the animation is pretty simple but very good, and the message has been sent, your art has became so much better, keep up the good work!

I only wish...

...that it was longer. If you're seriously new at this, keep going. Your art style is really, really interesting.

Kajio responds:

Thanks :) It only actually took a little while to make (well it was a few hours, but it was still pretty fast especially considering I was figuring everything out as I went), so I'll definitely be making more, and probably longer, movies.

I have some basic experience with some graphics software, but not animations. This was my first real crack at a flash, so yes I'm seriously new to this ;P

Hahahah I loved that

NATURE GOT OWNED just like real life! work on having less swuiggly animamtion, try using he line tool

Kajio responds:

Hehe, yeah. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to experiment more with that tool. I guess it could really accentuate the difference between the nature scene and the industrial scene to have hard-lines in the industrial. If I ever do something similar to this, I'll have to do that.

Very Good


I haven't seen this kind of things at Newgrounds for a while. I think it's great using flash animation to show your feelings to the rest of the people.


The animation was very good for being your first. Of course it could be improved, but with time, I'm sure you'll do better.


Well I hope to see more of your works, since you have an unique style. Good Luck

Kajio responds:

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm glad you like my style.

I'll be sure to do more, especially since I have some ideas for a comedy :D


I really think the animation could be more better than this, but I loved the idea and the message. Also, I think that the music is not the best.

Kajio responds:

Sorry you didn't like the music as much as I did, but I'm sure it was still at least okay. I'll work on my animation techniques and come back with more ;)

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Jul 29, 2009
8:12 PM EDT