*Ladies Night!*

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Ladies Night! (All Day Long)
Alice and Wanda are having a slumber party! Robert and Kevin want in on this.
Behold the love square! This gets pretty fucked up. It's pretty much like..
Alice loves Robert, who loves Wanda, Who loves Kevin, who loves Alice. Lets see what happens with this sit-yoo-ay-shun.

Anyways.. Enjoy this thing. I'll see about another cartoon in the fall (As this seems to be a seasonal thing).

BUT ALSO! Like this cartoon? Check out the others, "Three Internet Friends", "Canucks over Christmas" and "Huey Lewis is in the News" on NG, or at the offical Four Days website (which is also chock full of webcomics) at http://fourdays.comicgene sis.com

-Thomas Henriksson


damn man

that was pretty funny ill give you that, even if yer animation was a bit iffy

The size.

For the file size I expected it to be alot longer. Ah nonetheless I enjoyed watching this while I ate.

Very funny

It was nice and funny. Well written, too. But I have 2 complaints: Not all the voices are the same quality, some sound pretty bad and the animation is a bit off at times, but it's ok, it looks fluid and such.

I liked it. good job.

Not too bad.

Animation wasn't too bad, needs work on the sound quality but it could have been worse. The jokes left a lot to be desired though in my opinion. Still, could have been worse.

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3.51 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2009
3:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Original