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Revenge of the Red Button

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Author Comments

A tribute to the popular "Big Red Button". I spent ages writing out all the stuff and did all the graaphics myself in flash (except the background, which was done in illustrator) Enjoy, and make sure you read it all! Theres a special surprise for you at the end!


Generic push this button flash 10,000,000.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Probably the coolest set up that I've ever seen with one of these button pushing flashes. It's obviously a bomb right from the beginning so we all knew the ending wasn't a surprise because of the obvious graphic. For some reason when I see the digital clock like that I think of the color red instead of green, but all around there really wasn't any problem graphics or animation wise. Pretty good design all around.

~ Story/Content ~

Like I said pretty generic. Not really much humor like I've seen in others, but a little bit here and there. You spelled a couple of words wrong in the flash itself. There was a time where meant should have been mean and the word be should have been me. Something you might want to go back through and fix. What I was really surprised about in this submission (because like I already mentioned it was obvious that the button was attached to a bomb) was that the ending was just a fade out. I was hoping for an explosion or fire or something, but you just faded out. A replay button would have been nice too for people who wanted to do it again, but I think once is enough for a game like this.

~ Audio ~

I like that you added sound to the button. You tend not to see the sound added to these for some reason. I always wanted to see one of these with voices too, but I highly doubt it would work out for the better. Maybe a couple of different sound effects or ambient music could have been nice in this though. The explosion sound was nice.

~ Overall ~

I think the explosion let down at the end is what really lowered the score here and not only the originality factor. A game like this can still be original if the content was and to be honest the content really wasn't. I guess when you've been on this website for over five years you tend to see a lot of these though.

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andy70707 responds:

Thanks, and I did pretty much everything except the fade out at the end with actionscript (ahh why didnt I think of animating the bomb countdown!) I noticed a few spelling errors myself, but I cant really be bothered to fix them, it would take too long scrolling through my huge array. I did think about adding sound, but I couldnt find any good music for this and decidede it would be best without. I dont think you would be able to add voices either, I dont think anyones gonna read out 7500 letters for me, and them having to put them all in the flash, the fillesize would be huge to start out with anyway. Ive been on NG since '07, so 2 years now, and I havent seen many of theese. There was the origional one (which I first saw on adictinggames) and on NG ive only seen about 2 or 3 of theese tributes. For the ending, I tried to find a good explosion, but I suck at animating stuff like that, and ive only got some tiny assets, 1 of thems a filter effecct+motion tweened one ive used countles times, and its really too slow. The other one it hand animated and looks alot nicer with a blur filter, althoguh it designed from side view. Also, being that close to the bomb, you wouldnt really get a chance to see it, maybee a short explosion sound, then just darkness, so thats what I did here, and its kind of like afro-ninjas escape series, at the end theres jsut a horn and then it jsut fades out to black. Anyway, glad you kinda half-liked it :)


Was pretty fun and awesome!

andy70707 responds:

Thanks =D

great game

awsome surprise =] you should make more like this. like the one with the king of red buttons game

andy70707 responds:

I might do. I have a ton of button-related games I made ages ago but havent submitted.

Just wonderful

It's simple, it's entertaining, and most of all amusing!
People just can't accept the simpleness of what does a button think when you push it. Give it attitude, and you've got a playmate. Besides the countdown where 88 was still displayed as the bomb went off, it was awesome.

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andy70707 responds:

thanks :) and the 88 is just part of the background thing, like on digital watches when you can kinda see the numbers.


reminds me of GLaDOS, and i got to the end...
very good...

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andy70707 responds:

thanks, I guess it iis kind of a bit like glados

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Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2009
3:07 PM EDT
Action - Other