A Christmas Story SB

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"A Christmas Story SB"

This is a soundboard of one of the best movies ever made, "A Christmas Story." I respond to all reviews. I apologize about the large filesize, but it can't be helped.



I'm just wondering why "FRAGILE! Must be Italian" isn't on here. Otherwise, fab.

Frenzy responds:

Thank you!

~ Z

almost perfect, needs two vital sayings, SHUT UP RALPHIE!!!!!!! and YOU USED UP ALL THE GLUE ON PORPISE

Frenzy responds:


~ Z

Nice that you respond

"A Christmas Story" is also one of my favorite movies as well. I used to go on to soundboards all the time, but I do not really do that much more, as people do not make them anymore. That being said, I am very glad you went along and made this. It obviously has everything that you could want in a "A Christmas Story" soundboard. It is interesting to just put all of the sounds on and one time and find out which takes the longest to hear. The soundboards and the sounds in this themselves give you nostalgia.

Frenzy responds:

Thanks man! It is one of the greatest movies of all time, particularly to watch around Christmas time.

~ Z

Not bad

Just the average soundboard here, but since many have seen or at least heard of the film, it adds to the enjoyment.

It's not really a flash, but the wide selection of quotes and lines to choose from makes up for it. The background noise for each is kind of unavoidable, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Overall, not much to say, it's nice to have a soundboard using a good movie.

-Review Request Club-

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Frenzy responds:


~ Z

Decent soundboard

Pretty good soundboard all around. I liked that you had so many things to pick from. I liked that you used a picture as a background. It was very fitting in this situation in my opinion.

The only thing that I hate about soundboards is that they should stop playing the old sound when you click something new, but only the best of the best seem to do that with their soundboards. The nice stop all sounds button seems to work fine though and it's really not that big of a deal.

The only other tip I can give is to find all of the sounds that you can that don't include any background noise or background music. I know that this can be very hard to do, but it makes for a good soundboard that people can use for pranks over the phone. It's also better to use very short phrases that are only 3 or 4 words in total.

~ Review Request Club ~

Frenzy responds:


~ Z

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Jul 28, 2009
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