The Death of Chrome-

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This is a true story about my buddy chrome-, who was killed on a vacation to Iraq in 2004. Its been a hard time for his family and friends, but we're getting by. This is a tribute to him, may his soul rest in piece.


I find it interesting...

Chrome- was actually a user on newgrounds who got his account entirely deleted by Wade Fulp for constantly spamming the portal with hate speech.

It's true guys - Chrome- is dead... killed by Fulp.


in all that there is, all those who do such evil will get there due in times to come
i can only hope what i hear from my many friends is true and he will hurry in his workings
it will be swift and the ghost will sleep
lam sry for your lost friend


wankers plain and simple they all deserve to die and i hate self righteous pricks (below) you seem to think this is all government orientated this is our problem too (i am british and soon to be military) if it happens again and we get attacked again dnt expect people like us or chrome if he were still here to save your ass we would letr you die!!

your family and friends have my condolences dude

gross responds:

thanks man

It is Goverment man.Not Taliban.

American goverment needs Oil and More money.
America finds a fake excuse and invades Iraq
America wins and captures all oil money income...
America keeps sending sheeps and innocent people to die (their soldiers) and kill other inoccent people by force...

So story is 0 /10
Animation is 4
Music is 6

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gross responds:

no.....heres the real story u fuken anthill


cr0mzx go take vacation

cr0mzx enemies and wade fulps go n kill him

show some fucken respect

Fully understand

I fully understand the way you feel, but this is an artist platform and no newspaper or anything to demonstrate your personal opinion with nothing more.

But talking about your submission. One guy who's wraped in some scarf another guy who obviously is sick (looking at the colors in his face) unless you admit it's an expressionist movie, a knife crossing his neck etc. There wasn't anything good in the animation at all.
Sorry for that, but not a single star from me...

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Jul 28, 2009
1:26 AM EDT
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