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Jul 27, 2009 | 11:31 PM EDT

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This is the intro page for my upcoming e-portfolio.

The main reason I've uploaded it is to receive as much criticism and suggestions as I possibly can. It will all be heartily welcomed.

The website will contain photography, web-design, graphic design and digital art of all kinds. I was aiming for a professional, simple and sleek look.

Please tell me what you think.

Thank you. :)

P.S: I'd like to note out that Newgrounds doesn't allow the proper resolution for the movie which in reality will be full-screen.

Edit: If you care enough, you can view the full-screen version at h t t p:// /site.html ( Take out the spaces in http )

Edit2: Updated both the NG file and the link ^ with a slightly more finalized version. Now has easing and a pretty petty easter egg. :)

Edit3: Added a handful of easter eggs. :)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sooo smooooth

So relaxing and smooth nice job!

PS add some easter eggs for fun!

VirulentX responds:

Thanks for the reply. :)

I WILL be adding easter eggs, I just need to think of some. :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars



VirulentX responds:

Well, thanks for voting 10 at least. :D


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Its interesting.

I like that it has a larger version because the pictures looked alittle small and hard to make out on here. I believe it gives people an idea of what to expect on your page and its nice.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Very simple layout. The ambient music was a good choice. However, it seems to be lacking something design-wise.

If I may, a few suggestions.

1. Honestly, black and white is so overdone, mainly because most people feel more comfortable working with it. Don't be afraid of using color too. Used the right way, colors will help make your page more memorable. This is especially helpful since it's an e-portfolio. It doesn't have to use neon green or other screaming palettes, as long as you stick to subtle colors that are easy on the eyes, while grabbing the viewers attention. I realize that you were going for a simple and sleek look, but sometimes being too simple can be a bad thing.
2. Experiment having something animated in the background. For example, when you rollover a picture, it would appear blown up on the background but having the opacity reduced. Another idea would be adding a vertical picture marquee. Or you can have something simple, like raindrops or falling snow. Just a few things off the top of my head. :)
3. Add a little more interaction to keep the viewer's attention. For example, have "easter eggs" cleverly hidden that will react when rolled over. Adding minute details like this would preserve the simplistic feel while creating an abstract experience.
4. The text crediting the song is so small that it's almost unreadable.Try experimenting with bumping up the font size a point or two.
5. Since this will be viewed by people online, having a mute/volume button should be added for those who don't like ambient music.
6. For the purpose of critiquing, it would have been a good idea to demonstrate how you will present your other digital arts.

That's all I can suggest to you for now. Hope I gave you some decent ideas. ;)

Good luck!

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VirulentX responds:

Thank you for a great critic, it'll definitely be of help.

I think you understood spot on what I'm trying to do, the whole "abstract experience" thing. The reason I didn't use color is that I LIKE black & white. The whole website will be black and white with shades of grey. It's the idea I have in mind. The photographies and other art I'm presenting will be in full color, thus attracting the attention to them rather than the website.

I definitely like the idea of trickles of rain in the background. Currently, I'm working on a thing that when you click, there's a bubble that floats up from the mouse and disappears.

I'm not sure I have many ideas on what kind of easter Eggs I can work out but I'll definitely consider it.

The text won't be there in the final product. :-) It's just temporary.

I don't find a mute/volume necessary as it's only an intro page. The main website will have no music and will not be in flash.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it

It is an interesting intro for your e-portfolio page with great background music. To improve on it, I would suggest adding an option to zoom in on the photos.

VirulentX responds:

This is only an intro.

All these photos will be in full size in the actual website.