I Love My Wife!

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Most people will not enjoy this movie. However, I did not make this movie for most people... I made it for one. This is for the most important person in my life, and if anyone wants to hear my rant and try to learn anything from what I have to say, then please do so.


The flash portal is not the place for speeches

I know you love your wife and all, but this is not the place to say it. Please find a better place to put these. The animation is really bad, and although the speech is good, this is not the place to put it. No offense to you.

So Spaketh the Slaughterer

I'm glad I withheld any opinions until the end. This was sweet, and what's more...completely true. Thank you. It's hard to find someone who you can truly care about without any sort of strings and it's even harder to find someone who'll give you the same unconditional love. I believe I've found that, though I'm not married but I hope to be, and I'm just thankful I can come home every day and curl up next to the one I love. It makes all the bad things fade away and makes life enjoyable. So, my best wishes to you and your wife.

As for animation? Not the best but it served its purpose, was to the point, and cute. Hopefully people will take your words of wisdom and they'll see what this was really about rather than just getting all pissy and whiny because it wasn't a super awesome flash video.


I'm giving you high marks on this one just for the message! Your wife is a very, very lucky lady.

Original idea!

Good idea and touching text!

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Jul 27, 2009
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