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An idiot will never die

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Well, this is my first flash here.
Rate and comment please :D

Ps:This is not a preview or a demo.It's just like a real movie trailer (cinema)

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LOL This is Funny,
By The Way, Mario Was FUCKING Peach :P


lol this was really funny! keep making funny stuff like this.


You just created the exact example of what every one of these stupid mario flash cartoons are. There is that joke with the likitu and the hard to get 1 up mushroom, which is already overused but it gets much worse.

Then there is yoshi, eating a toad who is making the way overused cry. Then a fart joke. Then there is Mario humping peach. (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that stuff wouldn't happen in the game so it's funny!!!)

There is Mario kicking ass and Luigi thinking he defeated an enemy and then he realizes he didn't and cowers. It's as if you went out of your way to make a movie literally EXACTLY like the other mario films.

Is this bad for your first animation? Sure, it's alright, you can work well with sprites, you can find sound effects and put them in the right frames, you can even do some basic animating pretty well.

But does that mean it isn't a stupid and overused movie? NO. Which is why I will be irritated if this makes it out into the portal.

Nothing too new...

Mediocre sprite animation nonetheless.
Your everyday first submissions.
If I could give any advice it would be to try and make it longer and try experimenting with some different animations.