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D-K's Thief

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Author Comments

Thief. Use the arrow keys to move to the exit. Watch out for cameras, lasers, guards, and floor alarms!
The cameras are a little glitchy so be careful.

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Representing dkgames

If you have any isses with glitches direct them at me, I tested this game for bugs and on behalf of the designer I would gladly say that he put months and months of work into this game. We're sorry to say that we are far from professional designers and developers, not everything can be caught, not everything can be made perfect, but there is no reason to bash him. Because the way you guys are coming off on your reviews make me think that you think everyone is perfect. Sure the cameras were off, WE DISCUSSED THIS BUT WE COULD NOT FIX IT. We know that it's difficult, just because it's difficult doesn't mean the game is bad... it kept you playing didn't it? Deal with it guys, no everyone lives up to your standards. If you want anything else to say, send me a message or something because I will listen and work with our team to make sure it's addressed. I don't see why the music is an issue since it was made in Garageband by myself, and I take full blame for it being of crappy quality I did it last second and told him to put it in because I told him that the game would be better with music, I threw it together for him, I didn't know people would think it was of that crappy quality and so I am sorry. Once again direct all criticisms at me.

Nice attempt

Nice attempt at a game, but unfortunately... you need to debug it.
You made an invisible time limit, or invisible traps...?
I'm sorry I can't say much more that "MikeTWolf" has suggested, so why not go look at tutorials from other games, and come back, and fix this game up?

This is awfully familiar...

I'm not very good at mincing words so I'll try and bullet what comes to mind, then maybe expanding on it.

1. There exists a much better, similar game trilogy called "The Classroom (1, 2 and 3)" that is hosted here. Search for it and you'll see what I'm talking about quickly. I have no problem in that this game is similar, but I would start by advising that the author takes a few pointers from that artist in improving this game.

2. That said, there's nothing here that couldn't be recreated in approximately 10 minutes. The MIDI music just feels pasted in and gets repetitive quickly.

3. The art used to display the level, player and entities within the game are pretty simple. This would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that a simple 5 minute job could easily make each individual level much more appealing, through the use of textures etc.

4. The only real challenge here is the "threading the needle" skill of walking from point A to B. Normally a fine formula in simple puzzle games, but I would suggest simple and easy to make puzzles such as a hold-still-and-hold-space entity such as defusing a laser grid's wiring panel, while moving out the way of troublesome camera cone sweeps into the shadows would fit the asthetics of a cat burgler's job better, as well as provide plenty of new and interesting game mechanics.

5. Cameras are incredibly frustrating, as their view cones are not actually representative of the camera's actual viewing range. As a result, most mission failures are caused by being seen, when there appears to be no fault on the player's behalf. This is indicative of how each camera entity has been lazily copy-pasted without adjusting the graphics according to the entity's properties. This could be improved by providing "blind spots" that are common directly beneath a camera, and the presence of shadows that actively hide the player, since not all locations are likely to be flooded with light in any realistic setting.

6. The music has already been mentioned to be annoying and repetitive being a simple MIDI, but if is muted, the mute button dissapears and the music cannot be resumed. I'd recommend that the button be set to toggle, not magically dissapear when used once.

You might be eager to quickly grab some points of some description or aiming to become a talented and popular flash artist, but this game feels like it was made in 5 minutes and if you don't spend anywhere near the same amount of effort and time as the highest rated artists on Newgrounds have, you're not likely to achieve those goals. Don't post anything until you are absolutely certain there is nothing to improve, not when you think it's playable. A bad first impression will last, even if you fix and tweak it later.

fix it...

Honestly it was a decent game until I realized that I didn't even have to come in contact with the lights of the cameras to be caught, if you could fix that it would be much better.

Fun game

It's a very fun game to play, it's addicting. The only thing you need to improve on is your drawing skills, and the floor boards are overreactive. It can also get frustrating.

Credits & Info

0.91 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2009
4:48 PM EDT