twin botz

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an addicting shooting game, defend your bace from the aliens invading, use lazer cannon when available and get the highest score



It was fun...just it really doesn't do anything else to keep your attention...just mindlessly shooting at a group of aliens...
i still enjoyed it though..


This got boring. This game does nothing to keep your attention, nor does it get any better the longer you play it. I swear I hit my other robot more than the enemy, which is retarded.

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Great with few treaks

It held my attention a good 20 minutes but it got kind ofboring. Adding a little depth to the sequel would help.

A Good Start

I really liked the mechanics of the game and the music is incredibly nostalgic of the old mega man games which I loved. It can get a little harrowing at times because of the problems that others have mentioned, leveling up and such. Though I love the theme enough to overlook some of these problems. Make another one or update this one with some fixes and I think you will have a 10/10.

A slow shooter

The player advances slowly while the 'aliens' advance much more quickly and the 'bots' turn so slowly that you have to learn how they turn or pick a spot and shoot only there. Most players will struggle to click the upgrade button while they are focused on the continuous waves of enemies. Even trying to take advantage of the lull after using all of the cannons to upgrade your bots is risky. These issues prevent the game from being a noteworthy top-down 2D shooter.

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fortunacus responds:

press z/x to upgrade instead click upgrade button

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3.35 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2009
6:43 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed